Home Staging Tips: 8 Easy, Inexpensive Strategies

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Selling a home can be a tough! Home staging can really help to sway potential buyers. Here are some simple ways you to do it yourself.


If you have sold a house in the last 15 years of so you likely are familiar with the term ‘home staging’. For those of you who aren’t, it simply means a home that has been ‘staged’ to look at its best to a wide variety of people, therefore luring buyers.

Home staging is now a big business and there are many companies out there who do it professionally. But these services cost money, and often expensive recommendations are made. So if you are selling your own home, or just don’t want the extra cost of a home stager, here are a few tips to do it yourself:

1. Eliminate clutter

Any craft projects, magazines, hanging pots and pans, and anything else taking up unnecessary space needs to go. Even lists and magnets stuck to a fridge or bulletin board are too much for a prospective home buyer’s eye to take in. Extra boxes or furniture should be put into storage.

2. Replace personal items

It’s time to take down any photos you have of your family and friends. Potential home buyers want to see themselves in your home, not what your family looks like in it. If your space looks too bare without your photos and other personal items, replace it with generic art or a small plant. But, don’t go overboard.

3. Remove evidence of kids and pets

Of course if you are still living in your home your children and pets will be there. But it’s best to hide any toys or food bowls when they are not in use. As I said above, the people viewing your home may not see pets or children in their future, and they may worry about damage or odors. Out of sight, out of mind is good in this case.

4. Hide fans and heaters

Seeing a simple space heater in the dead of winter can make potential home buyers think there could be something wrong with your heating system. They may be worried the room could get damp or chilly, or that the home is expensive to heat throughout. Same with fans. It could make your home’s air quality be in question, even if you use it simply for white noise.

5. Mask odors gently

Some homes give off a musty smell no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, but don’t use sprays to try to mask odors in your home. Put out some light smelling flowers, light a few unscented candles, or even put out a bowl of citrus fruit to gently make your home smell fresh and welcoming without being overpowering.

I think we all know that trick of baking a fresh batch of cookies or bread before showing a home as well that works, but it’s pretty obvious!

6. Utilize neutral tones

Since this is a post about easy, inexpensive tips to stage your home, I’m not going to suggest renovating every room, but if you have been thinking of painting, or buying some new furniture, it really is best to go neutral. Your accessories can have a pop of color but let the room, not your furniture, stand out.

7. Keep it clean

Have your carpet, walls, furniture, and curtains thoroughly cleaned then maintain the cleanliness. Dust can accumulate fast so a quick wipe down every day will help. If you have kids or pets you really need to keep on top of this. Pet hair can get out of control fast.

8. Get a second opinion

Once you have staged your home it’s not a bad idea to have a trusted friend come in to look at it with a new eye. You may have missed some art that should be taken down, or don’t see the dust settled on the lamp.

Have you staged a home?

Have you used a home stager when selling your home, or staged a home yourself? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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