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As parents, aunts, uncles, godparents, guardians, and grandparents, we spend a great deal of energy on guiding our kids while thinking about what the world will be like for them in the future. Specifically, we (and they!) wonder about what what they’ll do for a living, and what kinds of homes they’ll come home to once their working days are through.

Some of those kids will be the ones who build those very homes. And what will they look like? What features can we expect to see in them which are now emerging, yet in a few years will be standard features in the modern 21st century home?

These are some big questions. So, to simplify them, here’s a useful graphic that addresses them.

Life at home in the future for our kids

At this present moment in history, we’re learning a lot about what it will take to evolve our homes for the future. After our kids pursue their respective careers (being a doctor and lawyer still seem to be the ones that pay off, it seems. The arts? Not so much, which is kind of expected yet depressing too), they will have come to expect certain things to be in place.

Luckily, many of those features are already beginning to be seen in the home of the early 21st century. For instance, we’re beginning to see the value in blurring the lines between outdoors and in, by creating outdoor rooms. We’ve learned how to make spaces seem expansive, just by organizing it and laying it out more efficiently. And because the value of planning a home for multiple generational living (even if it means ourselves as we get older), universal design is becoming a term that we’re becoming more and more familiar with as populations age.

What’s talked about now will be standard later

This is not to mention the idea of rescued properties, highly versatile and evolved modular construction, and energy efficiency features. Some of these seem like science fiction. But, when our kids grow up, start working, and living on their own, what’s on the fringes now, may well be unquestionable features. The evolution of the modern home has certainly shown this to be the case in the past, and it makes sense that this evolution towards smarter, and better, will continue.

So, have we missed anything? What do you think our kids will come to expect as a given when it comes to the modern home of the future?

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