Hot Dog! Planning for Pet Traffic On Floors And Decks

dog beagle on wood floor

Summer is the perfect time to spend long, hot days outdoors with your favorite canines. From splashing around in the pool to running down the beach to sniffing about in the backyard, dogs love the sunshine. At the same time, dogs can wear out traffic patterns on decks, floors, and doors, especially when they are running inside and out in the summer heat. They can also wreak havoc on our furniture.

Here are some home décor strategies to mitigate the presence of pet hair, nail damage, and dirt in high pet traffic routes through your home.

Create a dog friendly space indoors

Start with your dog’s needs. If you can create a space where your dog naturally wants to relax, you can control normal pet traffic routes more easily. A good place to do this is near your back door, so that you can easily wipe your dog’s feet and make him or her comfortable.

For decoration, use porcelain tile on the walls and floor for easy maintenance and durability, and add some cosy furniture upholstered in stain-resistant fabric so that your dog knows that he or she is welcome. Add storage bins where you can keep doggie treats, clean towels, leads and toys.

Develop a home décor plan that works

For the rest of your home, make sure that you create a space that will withstand your pets’ needs from the bottom up. Porcelain tile floors are always a good place to start, but painted concrete is exceptionally durable and modern, and terrazzo tiles stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

While wood floors are also durable, make sure that you choose a species that withstands heavy traffic or has multiple layers of coating so that the boards will be resilient when faced with your dog’s nails. Or, even better, look at plank-shaped porcelain tile designed to resemble real wood.

porcelain plank wood flooring pattern

“Eroded wood” collection of porcelain planks that look like wood flooring, and do not absorb water dish spills, or (ahem) accidents.


To protect your wood floors in the areas where your dogs are most likely to run around, think about area rugs that are easy to clean. Rugs made of cotton or linen can easily be thrown in the washing machine when dirty, but they can make it easier to keep sand and grime off of your valuable floors.

When it comes to furniture, think about matching your home décor to your pets’ fur colors! It may sound silly, but the neutral colors in dogs’ fur can look wonderful as design elements. Try soft furnishings that match your dogs so that those stray hairs don’t stand out, or invest in a strong hand vacuum!

Make your garden or deck welcoming for your dogs

dogs on a deckYou want to know that your outdoor space is as comfortable as inside your home for your dog. Start with a sturdy fence or decking so that there is no possibility of your dog running out into the street or into a neighbor’s yard.

You can also think about erecting sound walls around the border of your property to keep dog noise in and to keep traffic noise out so that your dog won’t feel a need to bark frequently. Sometimes creating a sound wall can be easily achieved by ensuring your fence is at least 8 feet tall, or by adding extra shrubbery in front of existing fencing.

Protect your doors from dog scratches with an easy application of scratch protection film. This see-through stick-on solution makes it simple to ensure that your dog’s nails can’t dig into your wooden doors or leave claw marks on your metal gates.

A comfortable garden or deck for dogs is one where their toys are easily accessible. Grab a plastic tub and fill it with all of your pet’s favorite weatherproof toys, and place it where the dog can reach into it any time. Remember, however, to keep your garbage, compost, and recycling lidded tight if it stays in outdoor bins: summer heat can make the smell of old food intoxicating for pets, and the last thing you want to do is pick up scraps from your deck or lawn.

When all else fails? Exercise, exercise, exercise your dog!

If your dog is leaving scratches on your floors and hair on your pillow, consider ramping up your play dates and exercise schedule together. Like human beings when they get restless, dogs sometimes wear patterns in floors because they are bored and stressed.

Consider summertime as an opportunity for a new workout plan for you and your dog, and find some time to spend a quality afternoon with your best friend at the beach, in a park, or on a long hike.

Safe, fun, beautiful, furry

This summer, make your home and garden safe, fun, and beautiful for both you and your furry friends. Don’t let high-traffic pet routes ruin your floors and furniture by creating a home décor plan that works. Enjoy the summer sun and all it has to offer with your dogs at your side.

What strategies have you employed to deal with pet traffic? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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