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Hot Winter Interior Design

 In northern regions in North America, we’re noticing that the summer side of fall is giving way to the more wintry side.  As we hunker down in the days just leading up to Thanksgiving, and later for the Holiday Season beyond,  what are some ways we can be inspired by a colder, and sometimes more bleak, winter season? 

To shed some wintry light on this area of interior design during a season when you’re expecting company, writer Alexandra Jackson (who is no fan of winter weather!) is here to talk options, and ideas.


The chilly winter months certainly make going outdoors a real pain; if we’re not being lashed with rain or hail then our efforts to walk and drive are often foiled by the hazardous ice and snow on the concrete. Nothing beats getting cozy indoors during the winter season, so creating a stylish, comforting space to hibernate in is a fantastic way to boost the appearance and practicality of your home during the colder months. This winter, there are some great trending designs and features that could transform your home into a contemporary winter hideout.

Winter Shades

Adding warmer tones and colors to your home creates a welcoming atmosphere that will warm the heart the second you walk through the door, and luckily the hot ‘red-orange’ tone was named the ‘2012 color of the year’ by color mogul Pantone. Contrast this tone (or a similar red, orange or brown) with cream tones to create a look that acts as a perfect backdrop for additional stylish accessories.

Stylish Features

Surfaces such as leather sofas and laminate or tiled flooring tend to get very cold during the winter months, so by adding some warming yet stylish features to the room you can cover the chilly spots. You can continue your chosen colour scheme by contrasting the warmer tones with a white or cream rug over laminate floors, and the same color applied in a throw over cold leather sofas.

Go one step further by then adding cushions that are the same color as the warm tones applied in the room. This stylish form of color coordination and contrasting is a quick and effective way of creating a modern living space, as well as improving the appearance of a room.

Wooden coffee tables bring that ‘log cabin’ feel to a room, especially when matched with the color or the overall aesthetics of a room. New styles in ‘low’ coffee tables are becoming extremely popular in recent months; their ability to add something ‘different’ to a room adds masses of character and style, bringing a whole design together with minimal effort.

Artwork and winter interior color schemes

Nothing finishes off a modern redesign quite like a stylish and well-matched piece of artwork; whether it’s an abstract piece that makes fantastic use of color, or a winter scene that sits well with the room’s new color scheme. Be sure to take into consideration the colors, textures and other distinguishing features of the room before purchasing a canvass.

Adding modern colour schemes and trending features to your home before winter arrives is a great way to create a warm and welcoming space that will leave any visitor envious.



This article was written by Alexandra, an experienced writer on the topic of interior design and passing on her knowledge of the latest home trends on behalf who provide both traditional and contemporary tiles for any home.

Cate Morgan-Harlow

Cate Morgan-Harlow is an all arounder, writing about how-to, DIY, and design with gusto. She is a shadowy figure with a mysterious past.


  1. Hi, great article but I think the pictures featured still express a cold feeling. It is difficult to choose different ends of the spectrum to suit our mood. The red-orange shade should be contrasted with a warmer color like caramel instead of this

  2. We make kitchen with latest technology of Italian designs which is more comfortable in all weathers and seasons. We take long space to maintain temperature constant in both hot and cold days. Painting of kitchen is another important feature we focus on.

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