Question of the Week #3 – How do I connect my travertine with my carpet or wood floor?


Sorry folks, I missed Friday’s question of the week, so here it is now, a few days late.

Question: How do I make the transition from my stone tile (travertine, granite, slate, marble) into my wood floor? I want to use some wood and some tile. What can I do?

OK, so you have a problem right? The end of your tile needs to transition into your carpet or wood floor. But how do you do that without leaving loose ends and exposed cuts? Check out some of the options here from Schluter-Systems. They have some transitions for same height transitions for applications like a 1/2″ travertine, or any other stone, into a 1/2″ wood floor, as well as different height transitions where your stone tile is either thicker or thinner than your other floor.

There are also some more natural looking transitions. The picture above for the horizontal bamboo shows a T-Molding for same height applications. Check out the horizontal bamboo page HERE and scroll down to see more info about some types of moldings.

 Some of these might be helpful in finishing the look on that travertine floor you are about to install.

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