How Does Engineered Hardwood do it?

So, how does it do it? An engineered floor has a top wear layer of real hardwood so it’s appearance once installed is indistinguishable from a traditional solid hardwood floor. This top layer determines the ultimate appearance of your floor. The variety of species, cuts, and stain are as unlimited as the selection found in traditional solids. The difference is in performance.

An Engineered hardwood floor is supported by a core comprised of different material than that of the genuine top wood layer. This core material can range from multiple cross plies of other wood species such as Birch, to synthetic materials such as High Density Fiber board. In this coupling, one material serves to counter act the movement of the other creating a balance, thereby preventing the extreme movement that plagues traditional solid hardwood floors. The result is an innovative product with a ton of practical as well as aesthetic attributes. The photos below exhibit the structural difference between Engineered hardwood (left) and Solid hardwood (right).

For further comparison of Solid vs Engineered flooring, please see An informative site and well worth a visite.

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