How To Eliminate Household Odors

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Making your house smell spring-fresh is a great way to invoke the spring mood this year. Homes can get stagnant and feel stale, and most of it is due to the smells in our homes, especially if the home is older and has a lot of stuff. Clearing out things and giving your home a chance to breathe is a great way to get the nice smells coming in, and the old smells going out.

There are other ways of making this happen as well, and many of them are simple ideas that make a big difference. One of the first things to do is to air out your home by opening windows. Let in some fresh air and let the stale smells escape. When it comes to eliminating househhold odors, good airflow is king!

Look around your home and find areas that tend to attract odors. This can be an exercise in getting to know problem areas of your home in general. This is worth doing thoroughly, so that you don’t have to work as hard the following year.

The following are just a few ideas to help get you started, or to give you a few more ideas to add to your existing, odor-fighting arsenal.

Eliminate household odors: used fabric softener sheets

By placing a dryer sheet in the linen closet, storage areas, and closets, the items stored within remain fresh smelling and lose that ‘stored’ smell. Whenever you open the doors to these areas, you will be refreshed by the blast of clean-scented aromas that come your way instead of stale-smelling odors. This is a great idea for car interiors, too.

Place in a vacuum bag

Used dryer sheets are intended to scent and soften when heat or movement is applied to them. When placed in a vacuum cleaner bag, it is able to move and share the good smells while you are cleaning your home. Instead of the old dusty smell coming from your vacuum, you can choose whatever scent you want, and have it move around the house as you prepare your home for spring.

Put inside pillowcases

For a fresh smell in your bedroom everyday and every night, a sheet in your pillowcase is just the ticket. This is another great way to have a nice smelling area in the home. Lay your head down on a fresh and clean smelling pillow for a restful springtime sleep.

Eliminate household odors: baking soda and potpourri

The Hammer of Good Smelling-ness! Photo: Rakka

It may be that you’re looking for a simpler, and more natural solution to a great smelling home. This is where baking soda, that solution that’s kept odors away from your fridge comes in. Baking soda naturally absorbs odors, and can also be placed in problem areas, such as in bathrooms, laundry areas, pet areas, and more. Consider finding a tasteful container for your baking soda, preferably one that is less likely to spill, so that it fits in with your decor even as it’s helping to deodorize your rooms.

And a fun idea to boost the fragrant-quotient in your home is potpourri; a simple bowl of dried flowers from your garden you’ve made yourself, or in a package from your local retailer. Another aspect to this of course is the visual benefits of multi-colored potpourri in decorative bowls placed strategically in key areas of your home. Once again as always, who says that a practical solution can’t also be a stylish one?

Eliminating pet odors

Making your home smell nice also means taking care of your pets and their needs. The shedding and dander that animals leave behind can cause odors. Another way they can add to the stale smells in a home is if they have had accidents. Giving carpets and furniture a thorough cleaning is a necessity for your home to smell fresh and clean.

Consider choosing a strategic location for litter boxes in an area where the airflow in that area won’t carry the odors to all other parts of your home.  Keep litter boxes away from vents, for instance. Investigate products for litter boxes that are designed to reduce the presence of lingering odors, and of course be vigilant about frequent litter tray changes.

Find a commercial air freshener that suits you

Commercial air fresheners are designed to trap or mask bad-smelling particles while you conduct your deep spring cleaning regimen, and weekly cleaning schedules.

Air fresheners like Plug-ins or the type that can sit out in a room  is another idea to have a simple, yet cost-effective way to have a great smelling home.  Many are designed to be friendly to the environment, and they are small and attractive additions to your decor.

Even still, it’s important to be mindful of those in your home who may suffer from airborne allergies and asthma when choosing commercial air fresheners. Many elements found in commercial air fresheners may irritate sensitive airways. For all of the products you research and buy, always read the labels, and discuss any specific issues you have (like  recurring respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma) with your retailer.

Eliminate odors, feel at home

Eliminating odors promotes a positive feeling in the home, and help to make entertaining, cooking and relaxing much more enjoyable processes. That’s really the goal – for you, your family, and your welcomed visitors to enjoy greater comfort.

Finally, the sources of odors may go beyond that of simple pet, or food odors in your home. Sometimes, bad odors are an indication of a greater problem. If you’re concerned about persistent odors in your home, and haven’t had any luck locating their source on your own, a HVAC inspection and an air-quality audit may be in order. Poor air quality can affect your long-term health, and thoroughly investigating odd or musty smells that are persistent in your home can be an important investment beyond the everyday tips mentioned here.

Enjoy your spring clean, and your new, fresh-smelling interiors!

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