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How Much Do You Save with EnergyStar Appliances?

Ever wonder how much you actually save with EnergyStar appliances? The answer might surprise you. Check out the graphic below!

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Energy Savings EnergyStar appliances

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Rob Woods

Rob served as BuildDirect's marketing manager from 2000 to 2010. In addition to heading up his own marketing company these days, he remains to be a handy guy around the house to this day.


  1. “Ever wonder how much you actually save with EnergyStar appliances?” should be “Ever wonder how much you MIGHT save with EnergyStar appliances?”

  2. Nor should it display the prices as the electricity or gas prices differ in each state/country. One should be able to fill in their prices per kWh or m^3 of gas.

  3. Its really save our money as well as energy thanks for nice stuff

  4. When I leased appliances from Detroit Appliance Rentals I was using roughly $350/month in electric. When I purchased my energy star appliances, It dropped about $47.00 which may be caused because of my appliances or me using them less, will find out when I can average some months in.

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