How to Blend East and West Coast Decor Styles

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The United States is a big country, and each coast offers something different in food, culture, climate, and design. While the East Coast tends to go more traditional with a touch of country chic, the West Coast likes to keep the design laid-back with a hint of rustic charm. However, even though you live on one coast or the other — or possibly even in the middle — no one says you can’t blend these two styles together for a stylish look–and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you how to celebrate #NationalEastMeetsWestDay today (April 25th). Let’s take a look.

Traditional East Coast


Since you’ll find plenty of older homes on the East Coast, traditional style fits in perfectly with this type of home. Therefore, you can easily see why this style is so popular. Traditional style is classic and comfortable. You won’t find any loud colors or modern pieces of furniture. Instead, you’ll see furniture that matches and mid-range color tones that abound.

To get the traditional look in your East Coast bedroom, start with a bedroom set that includes the bed frame, dresser, and two nightstands in a dark wood. To balance out the darkness of the furniture, go for light walls in a beige or cream hue. Lastly, consider what type of bedding you would like. If you select a set, you’ll find a variety of colors and patterns. The best option to complete your room is a light-green comforter set in a solid color.

Even though you’re on the West Coast, you can still enjoy some traditional style in your home, especially if you own a Craftsman home. To create a traditional bedroom in a West Coast home, keep the colors simple and neutral. Instead of looking for dark wood bedroom furniture like East Coast homeowners, search for sets made using light wood. A soft green on the walls will work nicely with the furniture. For the comforter set, a traditional pattern or print in a shade of cream will complete the room.

Modern West Coast


The modern style of West Coast homes is on the opposite end of the design spectrum from the traditional style you often find in East Coast homes. Similar to how East Coast homes are older, which helps traditional style fit in better, West Coast homes are usually newer, so modern style always looks appropriate.

If you’re on the West Coast and you want to enjoy modern style in your living room, you’ll want to go with shades of gray. Choose a couch with smooth and clean lines in a dark gray, and paint your walls in a light gray hue. When you’re picking out end tables or a coffee table, look for pieces made using metal and glass. Finally, for some visual fun, add a pop of color by selecting red, orange, or yellow for the accent pieces and artwork.

Of course, you can also incorporate some modern design style into your East Coast living room, even if you have an older home. In this case, pull in some of the traditional style by selecting furniture in the beige family. Keep the couches and other large pieces of furniture low, and make sure they have smooth lines and crisp edges. For the walls, you’ll want a beige hue that coordinates nicely with the furniture. Finally, consider curtains and accent pieces in brown.

Coastal-Inspired East Coast

East coast Traditional style

The coastal-inspired design that you often see on the East Coast takes its inspiration from the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll often see plenty of dark blue mixed with bright white for a sharp contrast. Luckily, with oceans on both sides of the country, it’s easy to incorporate this style into any home.

If you’re on the East Coast and want to decorate your living room, consider sticking with the traditional color palette. Paint your walls a shade of light blue. Choose navy blue for your large pieces of furniture, such as the couch, loveseat, or armchair. Toss some white throw pillows on the couch to soften the look, and pull the room together by choosing white end tables or a coffee table.

If you’re on the West Coast and want coastal-inspired design for your living room, look to the Pacific Ocean for help. Since the Pacific Coast offers some lovely shades of green, go for one of these shades for your walls. Next, opt for gray furniture to match how the ocean looks on those stormy days. Finally, complete the room by choosing white for the smaller furniture and other accents.

Rustic West Coast


With its stunning mountains and massive forests, it’s no surprise that the West Coast tends to favor a rustic style. This look combines many natural elements, including wood, glass, stone, and natural fibers. Another interesting way to bring rustic style into your home is by purchasing handcrafted furniture, which incorporates natural elements and a one-of-a-kind look.

To bring the rustic look into your Pacific Coast dining room, start by choosing a solid wood dining table. You can go with matching solid wood dining chairs, or you can select dark leather dining chairs. If you have wood or paneling on your walls, keep it plain to showcase its beauty. Otherwise, paint your walls a neutral cream or beige shade. Finally, don’t forget to include some live plants, such as a succulent display as a centerpiece or a few houseplants in the corners.

Since the Atlantic side of the country still has untouched and rustic areas, you can easily bring this strong design look into your East Coast home. You can select a solid wood dining table and chairs, but consider going for a lighter wood. Also, replace two dining chairs with a bench as a way to incorporate some of the traditional East Coast look. For your wall colors, consider going with something you would find in nature, such as moss green, light brown, or limestone gray.

Whether you’re interested in bringing modern style to an East Coast home or traditional style in the West, you can see that with a little creativity, it’s no problem to blend these two styles into one lovely home.

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