How to Build Green Article, and Cork Flooring Too

Hey Good People – Rob here.

Here’s a link to an article about how to build green, mostly aimed at the single home builder looking to incorporate green building practices when embarking on a residential project.

If this article proves anything, it is that building green doesn’t rest in a single choice; it’s dependent on a number of choices that affect the outcome of whether or not a building project is truly green. This can be a tricky business, since it’s all about finding a balance between the various factors that play into this outcome. And of course, it sometimes depends on how you utilize your resources based on limitations such as budget.

One things the article does mention in terms of sustainable building materials is cork flooring as a great choice to help you strike that balance. This is true due to a number of key advantages that cork flooring offers:

  • sustainability; cork flooring is harvested with the health of the cork oak tree as a major priority – no tree is harmed
  • reduction of waste products;the production process includes nearly zero wastage
  • incorporating the principles of re-use; cork flooring tiles and planks are actually bi-products of the wine industry production of corks for bottles
  • energy efficiency; cork flooring retains warmth because of its cellular struture which holds it in naturally

No single purchase of cork flooring or any other building material equals a green building project, of course. But, for a hardwood flooring product, this one adds to the positive column if you’re looking to build up LEED® points for a project.

And besides that, cork looks good. I’ve got cork flooring in my living room!



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