How To Buy A Hot Tub: 9 Essential Factors

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Either outdoors or sometimes indoors, a hot tub can add comfort and dimension to a living space. Hot tubs are relaxing, and can also help soothe aching joints and muscles. With a glass of wine, a book, or a chat with friends and family,

But, aside from the benefits of having a hot tub, there are some of the basic starting points to plan a purchase of a hot tub.  Here are 9 essential areas to explore as you embark on finding the right hot tub.

1. Decide on the dimensions

When you search for hot tubs, making sure you know the dimension of the space where you want to put it is a given. But, so does knowing how many people you foresee needing to fit into your hot tub at once.  Opting for a four-person hot tub instead of a six-person hot tub may be more realistic once you’ve assessed how much space you actually have.

2. Learn about maintenance

A great starting point that should help you move onto to the others is about how much time and effort that goes into maintaining a hot tub. That way, you really know what you’re getting into as far as the demands on your schedule. It will also makes you a more educated consumer, helping you to choose the right one for your particular needs.

Learning about the level of commitment is involved in buying a hot tub will also keep the balance between the stress a hot tub can take away, and the stress of making a major purchase that can be added in check. That’s a good balance to strike early on. Reducing stress is the name of the game after all.

3. Determine the quality of the base

Another factor is the base, or the surface over which you install a hot tub. How stable is it? Determining how much weight your base will bear is absolutely essential for reasons that are probably evident to you. When in doubt, this might be a good time to contact a professional installer and ask their opinion on the site you’ve chosen for the size of hot tub you are interested in.

4. Think about exposure to the elements

There are other considerations when it comes to deciding on the site of your hot tub. Exposure to the elements as it pertains to which direction your hot tub will face is a big one. You don’t want to be soaking in your hot tub as the wind or excessive sun beats down on you.

It’s a good idea to think about the elements and exposure all year round as well, and generally taking your local climate into account. Maybe a shade sail, an awning, or a pergola can help to minimize some of the effects if your installation site is prone to high sun or high winds.

5. Think about privacy

Another important factor is going to be privacy, which is about how your hot tub’s placement as they pertain to how easy or difficult it will be for your neighbors to see you. If this is a concern for you, then placement of your hot tub and its installation may also require a privacy fence, or a well-placed arbor.

kontiki hot tub Polynesian series

Kontiki hot tub Polynesian series from BuildDirect

6. Think about who will use it

When it comes to who will use your hot tub, and even those who won’t be will be in proximity to it like small children, safety is always an important concern. How easy will it be to get in and out for those with limited mobility? What about slip-resistance? How easy is it to remove and replace the cover. These are important considerations when you consider who will be using your hot tub.

7. Think about common use times

Will you enjoy your hot tub during the fall and winter? What about night soaking? The answer to these questions should inform your own questions about what kind of hot tub to buy. Ask about automatic circulation for when temperatures drop. For night use, ask about built in lighting.

8. Ask about accessories

Some hot tubs offer accessories built right into a purchase, like the cover for instance. Other times, these items need to be purchased separately. When you’re shopping, find out what will be included in the final price.

9. Determine your power needs, and the right professional installer

When looking to select a hot tub, an essential question is your power supply, and how the hot tub of your choice will impact it. Find out about the specs of the hot tub you’re looking to buy, and investigate the implications as far as your power set up is concerned. Pass this information along to your installer, a person who should have expertise and certification in electrical hookups.


Hot tubs add more chances for relaxing, for extended time in your outdoor living space, and for social interactions, too. They are a worthy investment, once you’ve determined the answers to some basic questions. When in doubt, work with your vendor to clear them up, and do the same with your chosen installer.

Otherwise, enjoy the warmth and comfort of a hot tub as the seasons change.


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