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At Home Gym

Joining a local gym is a great way to help you achieve your fitness goals. However, what about those days when it’s so cold, you don’t feel like leaving the house? Or when you just have a few minutes before you have to leave for work, and there’s not enough time to get dressed and drive over to the gym for a workout? For these times, having a home gym is super handy. Jump on this home improvement trend and create your own gym at home using the following tips.

Organize the Space

You can’t just build a home gym anywhere, unfortunately. It would be a bit awkward to do your squat reps in the middle of the kitchen. Instead, you’ll need to find some spare space in your home that isn’t solely dedicated to other tasks. Places like an office, spare bedroom, or patio are all great for setting up shop.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an extra room just waiting to be transformed, consider doubling up the purpose of a room. For example, the living room is often a good space to use, as you can easily shove the couch and coffee table out of the way to create more floor space for movement. You may just have to get a bit creative about how you organize the area.

Create a Budget

As with any interior design project, you’ll need a budget to guide yourself. Otherwise, costs might quickly get out of hand, making the project more trouble than it’s worth. Do a quick check of your finances before you start to see how much you can commit to building your gym. Keep in mind that if you’re already a member of another gym, you’ll be eliminating this cost from your budget, which should give you a little more to spend.

You’ll also want to do a quick check of what you want to achieve with your gym. Do you just want a few barbells so you can work on building muscle. or would you like a fully stocked exercise area that includes cardio and resistance machines? As long as you plan it out right, neither option is better or worse than the other.

Make Sure It Suits Your Style

There are myriad different kinds of workouts out there. Some people love the intense, heart-pounding thrill of high-intensity interval training. Others love the chill, relaxed vibe of yoga or tai chi. When designing your home gym, you definitely have to account for your own personal fitness tastes. Don’t just buy a full rack of weights because that seems like a quintessential gym item; instead, buy only the supplies you know you’ll use and enjoy.

For example, if your main goal is to train for a 5K, you’ll obviously want to make a treadmill the focus of your workout area. However, if you’re all about conquering the toughest asanas, create a Zen zone loaded with yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters.

Keep It Simple

Home Gym

At the end of the day, creating your home gym simply isn’t a major project. There’s no need to pull out your hair as you try to devise a workout arena Shaun T would be proud of. Rather than focusing on all the latest equipment and exercise gadgets, just keep things simple. You can burn just as many calories with little-to-no equipment as you can with a machine that costs thousands of dollars.

In fact, as long as you follow the principles of good training, such as starting slow with your workouts, focusing on muscle gain, and staying within your target heart rate, you should have no problem reaching your target goals. Trust us — both your budget and your body will thank you.

Choose the Right Equipment

That being said, most home gyms will benefit from at least some pieces of equipment. If you’re looking to buy some items to outfit your gym, always do your research to find the best equipment. Ensure the pieces you are buying are durable and function correctly so you won’t have any accidents. A good trick is to see if you can rent a piece of equipment before buying it. This lets you see how you like it as well as how much you’ll use it, which could help you decide if it’s even worth purchasing at all.

After you’ve narrowed down your options, continue vetting the equipment for safety features, design components, and other capabilities. You want equipment that doesn’t need a lofty instruction tome to operate and that won’t break your budget. That being said, don’t be afraid to spend a bit more on quality equipment if you can.

Add the Right Flooring

Made by Nature Rubber Flooring - 8MM Interlocking Tiles / SKU: 15136733

Made by Nature Rubber Flooring – 8MM Interlocking Tiles / SKU: 15136733

Even if you have the best equipment in the world, it won’t be much good unless you have quality flooring to go with it. Gym floors take quite the beating, as you’ll be jumping, running, and throwing heavy weights around. Because of that, you’ll need a material that can handle all this chaos without cracking, shattering, or getting scuffed up.

One of the best options is vinyl flooring, which is basically indestructible. It offers your feet a firm grip to give you the traction you crave, and it’s easy to clean off after a major sweat session. And, if you accidentally spill a water bottle during your workout, you won’t have to fear as vinyl is water-resistant. Plus, vinyl flooring comes in numerous colors and styles, so you can match the tiles to your existing home decor for a seamless appearance.

Creating a home gym doesn’t have to be a major interior design project. Rather, it just requires a little finesse when it comes to finding the style that’s right for you. And just think — once you have your own home gym, you’ll never accidentally sit in a puddle of someone else’s butt sweat again. Instead, you’ll be able to work out on the private, butt-sweat-free equipment in your own home.

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