How To Creatively Add More Seating In Time For The Holidays

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Nobody likes playing musical chairs at family gatherings, especially when everyone is about to sit down for a big holiday meal. Fortunately there are ways to stretch your seating to accommodate every buttock in your abode as Thanksgiving and the holiday season rolls around. With chairs, sofas, and stools in mind, here are a number of ways to seat all of your guests comfortably over the holidays.

A little folding chair goes a long way

If you’re looking for extra seating but you don’t have any extra room to spare, then folding chairs are the perfect fit. When it comes to holiday home preparation, folding chairs are a must have for your home, especially if you’re hosting dinner.

Folding chairs have come a long way since the gray metal days. The folding chairs of today come in every color you can think of. In addition, you can go with padded seats or add your own festive cushions. The sky’s the limit when you go the folding route.

Clean up your patio furniture

Your patio furniture is a great solution for extra seating during the holidays. From chairs to small tables and benches, outdoor furniture can provide plenty of extra seating options indoors.

Just make sure you prepare your patio furniture ahead of time for the move indoors. This means spraying down and scrubbing chairs and cushion toppers with soapy water. Do this ahead of time, then store the patio furniture in the garage during the winter months. This way you’ll always have extra chairs on standby.

rattan chair outdoor furniture

“Zanzibar” weave rattan chair, part of a 7 piece collection from BuildDirect. How would it look as a supplmentary addition to your holiday seating?

Use your bed footer

What’s the difference between a bed footer and a bench? Not much, so go ahead and use your bed footer as a versatile bench for holiday seating. Whether it has a cushion or not, your bed footer is probably more bench-like then you think.

Just make sure to move your bed footer/bench into place before your guests arrive – navigating a long seat through a crowded room gets pretty tricky. Also, if you need a cushion for it, a blanket folded long ways works like a charm.

Think low

Low seating is right up there with folding chairs in terms of storage potential. Padded stools and standard knee-height stools slide easily under end tables, coffee tables, and side tables, making them chameleons in your home.

However, when the holidays roll around, all you have to do is slide them out from their hiding spots and you’ll have instant seating. Low seating around a coffee table works great as a kids’ dining table.

Move the meal

Sometimes it’s easier to move the meal to the seats, instead of moving the seats to the meal. In other words, you can utilize other spaces in your home for dining areas, like your kitchen or living room.

Creating a living room dining spot or a kitchen banquette area is a pretty simple process. Expanding the eating to other areas in your home might require your guests to eat on trays or side tables, but sitting on a couch or at a kitchen counter while eating is always better than standing.

By keeping the tips above in mind, all of your holiday guests will have the best seat in the house.


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