How to Cut Bamboo Flooring

Reading Time: 1 minute

Like any flooring material, bamboo flooring has its upsides and downsides. Although bamboo promises exceptional sustainability, durability, and nearly unparalleled hardness, it can be prone to fraying or splintering when cross cut. But don’t panic! Follow these two easy steps to prevent fraying and splintering.

Step One

Apply “Green” painters tape to mark the area you’re going to cut.

Step Two

Use a saw blade with several teeth and cut into the board, directly through the “Green” painters tape marker. It’s best to use a “finishing” blade with 70 or more teeth, like the one pictured below.


And that’s literally all it takes! Following these two steps will significantly reduce the chance of splintering and fraying when you cut your boards.

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Matt Dickinson