How To Easily and Naturally Repair Wood Furniture Surfaces

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There’s no getting around it—wood furniture is beautiful, and it’s worth the premium price you’ll likely have to pay for it. Unfortunately, it wears down over time, leaving that once beautiful piece of furniture looking old and worn down. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to restore that eyesore into the beauty it once was. Here are a few ways to naturally repair wooden furniture.


While you wouldn’t normally consider this, it’s actually a pretty viable solution. Granted, if you have a huge scratch or damage to the piece of furniture, this won’t work. But, if it’s a minor scratch, this method is simple enough. Find a marker that matches the shade of the piece of furniture and go to work!

If you’re not comfortable guessing the color of your furniture, some stores sell markers specifically for touching up furniture, and flooring too. You’d be surprised how well this works.

Vinegar and olive oil

If your furniture has a ton of nicks and scratches, consider this home remedy. Mix half of a cup of vinegar with half of a cup of olive oil. Take a rag or washcloth, dip it in, and rub it on the table. Yes, it really works! It’s hard to believe something this simple can make such a huge difference, but try it out for yourself.

Lemon juice

Perhaps this is the more common of wood repair tricks, but it’s also extremely effective. If there’s a minor scratch, you can mix lemon juice and vegetable oil. Apply some of it with a clean lint cloth, then rub firmly in the same direction as the scratch. It may take a bit, but the scratch will disappear.


Basic Iodine can be used to repair wooden furniture as well. Here’s how you go about it. Take a fine brush and lightly paint the Iodine into the scratch. Use a light shade and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, add another layer, then repeat the process until you achieve the result you want. If you have a lighter shade of wood, you can dilute the Iodine with some denatured alcohol. It’ll take a bit to dry, but it’ll look great once it does!

Tea bags and coffee grounds

You can use both tea bags and coffee grounds to repair wooden furniture! If you want to use a tea bag, just steep a bag of black water in some hot water for two or three minutes, then dab the tea bag into the scratch using a cotton swab. If the color doesn’t match, just apply it again.

For coffee grounds, you should place coffee grounds on the end of a cotton swab and dab at the scratch. After your first attempt, wait a few hours, then do it again. Repeat the process until the color matches.

You don’t have to pay a ton of money to repair wooden furniture, just use these simple home remedies and you’ll have that scratched up table looking brand new in no time. Can you think of any other ways to repair wooden furniture? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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