How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space During Cold-Weather Months

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Winter is no cause to abandon your outdoor living space. Here are some ways to continue to enjoy your backyards even as weather gets colder.


Many homeowners design their outdoor spaces and backyard decks with summertime in mind, keeping the focus squarely on fun in the sun. When the summer temperatures cool off, though, there’s no reason to leave your great backyard out in the cold. Here’s how to enjoy your outdoor space, even in cold-weather months.

Build a Fire Pit

Installing a fire pit is a great way to warm up while creating a fun social atmosphere. Try out a portable fire pit if you want to experiment with different locations, or install a permanent fire pit when you’re ready to commit to a spot. You can even give your outdoor space a personal touch by building your own fire pit. If you go that route, make sure to build in a fire break along with any other necessary safety features.

For a fiery option that’s even more visually striking, consider an outdoor fireplace. This adds an upscale feel to your backyard deck while keeping your guests warm at the same time.

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Use Heaters

When you need to provide serious heat but a fire pit isn’t an option, choose from several portable and permanent outdoor heating options. For a portable option, consider a heat lamp or a heater made to look like a fireplace. These units can generate enough heat to warm up a small gathering, and they won’t break the bank. Just make sure your outdoor space has an adequate power supply for something of this nature.

If you’re leaning toward a more permanent option, consider installing an outdoor heater. These units can be mounted on deck posts or ceiling structures, and they are powered by gas or electricity. Mount a few strategically placed heating units to warm up a larger outdoor space.

Snuggle Up with Blankets

Hosting a late-fall get-together, a Christmas party, or a New Year’s bash? Let guests enjoy your outdoor space by providing ample cozy materials.

Cover seating areas with faux-fur wraps, and distribute warm blankets throughout the space. Encourage guests to snuggle up, and don’t forget the hot food on the party menu. Serve mulled wine, apple cider, chili, and stew to keep guests warm from the inside out.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to staying warm. Installing outdoor curtains around all or part of a backyard deck can keep out cold winds in the winter while creating a smaller, more intimate outdoor space. While curtains tend to work best in more compact spaces, that doesn’t mean they only work for small decks. Use this feature to break up the space on large decks, too.

Build on your love for drive-in movie theaters by creating a cozy outdoor movie space. Set up a movie projector and serve up plenty of hot beverages to go with the popcorn. Don’t forget to distribute rugs across the deck to keep feet warm, and replace cold outdoor furniture with soft cushions.

From generating heat to creating cozy warmth, you can turn your deck from a summertime haven into a cold-weather hotspot.

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