How To Infuse Color Into The Kitchen

In modern day, the kitchen is the center of the home.  It’s the one spot where everyone joins together to cook, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.  Whereas other spaces in the home are often seen as blank slates to add color and accessories, traditionally the kitchen is more monotone with either white, cream, or stained cabinetry.

Color is sometimes introduced throughout the specs of the granite countertop or seen in the dishes that come out from the cupboard, but for the most part, it’s a “safe” room.  But why?  Infusing color into a kitchen can liven and freshen the overall tone and continue the same vibe throughout the home.   Through accessories, tile, fabrics, and cabinets, color can be incorporated into a kitchen to create an inviting and dramatic space.

Here are 5 ways to infuse color into the kitchen:

1. Add Color on the Cabinetry

Covering much of the space in most kitchens are the cabinets.  Instead of the typical cream or white, adding color to the cabinets can set the tone and mood for the rest of the home.  It’s a way to express yourself in a dramatic way and it livens up a traditionally ordinary and sometimes boring room.  Whether you decide on a bright red or a subtle turquoise, color on the cabinetry makes for a beautiful backdrop for other accents and accessories throughout.

Vibrant red cabinets via Southern Accents

Distressed turquoise cabinet color via House of Turquoise

2. Add Color on the Island

A quieter approach to adding color to kitchen cabinetry may be to introduce a more subtle hue on the base cabinet or upper cabinets only.  A second idea could be to have the main cabinetry in a “safe” white or cream, and let the island “speak” with an exciting and engaging color.

Open Kitchen with yellow base cabinets and a “hot” red on the island via Southern Living

White cabinets with turquoise island and yellow accessories via Apartment Therapy

Fresh and clean kitchen with white main cabinets and a french blue colored island via Better Homes and Gardens

3. Add Color with Tile

Whether you’re building a brand-new kitchen or renovating an existing layout, adding tile onto the backsplash can be a fun and exciting way to bring in color and drama.  New cabinetry can be expensive and homeowners often are reluctant to be daring with an unusual, “out of the box” hue.  If that’s the case, tile is much less expensive and may be worth the risk to “spice up” a space.

Diagonal backsplash layout in colors of turquoise, lime green, light blue, and white via Diamond Baratta Design

Apple green square tiled backsplash by The Kitchn

4. Add Color with Accents and Accessories

Introducing colorful accents and accessories into any kitchen style, is a beautiful way to create an intriguing and eye-popping space.  Whether it be one strong hue (ie: bright yellow or orange) amongst the quieter backdrop of your cabinetry, or a mix of two or three colors, displaying useful accessories on your kitchen countertop is an inexpensive solution to achieve an exciting space.

Most cabinetry is closed, but one way to add color is to remove one or more of your cabinet doors to showcase the colorful dishes and/or glasses.  Another thought is to showcase everyday appliances like a mixer, toaster, and microwave, making them functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  How about painting or wallpapering the back of the cabinet?

Open shelving with vibrant yellow and red accents via Better Homes and Gardens

Black base cabinets with sunshine yellow accents and accessories via Country Living

Open shelving with colorful accessories via The Inspired Room

 5. Add Color with Fabrics

Since the kitchen usually has many “hard edges” (ie: appliances, cabinets, countertop) the incorporation of fabrics can add color and texture which would in turn soften up the kitchen environment.  Color can be infused into the space through engaging fabrics on the stools, towels, window treatments, and lighting.  These minor, small accessories can make a huge impact in any kitchen, bringing it from drear to dramatic!

Modern Kitchen with colorful green fabric on stools via Turquoise

Basic white kitchen cabinets with bright, colorful accents of orange and red via Apartment Therapy

Accents of red in the chairs, lighting, and fabrics via Chinoiserie Chic

How do you infuse color into your kitchen?

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