How To Make Your Front Porch Summer-Worthy

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Make your front porch a place you’ll want to be with these summer-worthy ideas.


If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch, know that your home has one of the coolest features a house can have. Front porches are a great space to relax, socialize and be part of the life of the neighbourhood.

But is your front porch summer-worthy, or is just a throw-all space where you stack your old newspapers and your old patio chairs? I say you should make the best out of your front porch and make it a nice reading, relaxing and socializing space.

Here’s how to turn your front porch from a disaster zone to a beautiful space.

1. Clean it up

Your front porch isn’t an outdoor closet or basement. It’s the first impression someone gets of your house! The first step to making your front porch amazing is to pick up all the clutter, throw away the trash and clear out the space.

Turn your cluttered porch into a blank slate; remove even what you think should stay there. Yes, even exercise equipment. Are you even using it?

2. Put up some lighting

Lighting is the next step to transforming your front porch. Think of all the great summer evenings you will be able to spend drinking good wine or beer with your friends and your family!

String some fairy lights along the roof for a whimsical effect. Add some outdoor lamps if you prefer a more traditional look. Try something new and unexpected with some hanging light fixtures of different style and length.

The lighting is a big part of the atmosphere of your front porch. Don’t be afraid to use lighting with style.

porch at night lighting

3. Make the floor attractive

Whatever flooring your porch uses, it probably could use a little freshening up. A high-pressure wash and a new coat of paint can’t hurt.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can paint a beautiful pattern with a stencil. It’ll make your front porch look like a sophisticated parlour, and will add some interesting texture and color.

4. Add some privacy

The front porch, being, well, the front, is a public place. But there’s no need to avoid it because of a lack of privacy if you add some privacy features.

A beautiful way to add privacy while still letting light through is through wooden lattices. You can hide all or part of your porch by adding the lattice on top of the railings.

However, this is a permanent solution. If you’d rather have the flexibility to open up your porch or hide yourself from the world, you can add drapes or shutters that you can open and close.

5. Make it green

Adding some plants to your front porch can take it from blah to woah. Especially in summer, it’s nice to have some green plants and flowers to liven up the space.

Here are some ideas: hang some pots from the roof along the edge of the porch, install some boxes on each side of the stairs, or install some boxes along the railing.

I strongly encourage you to have some edibles in your front porch plants: mint for mojitos, basil for pizzas, lavender for fancy martinis. I think that edibles are a great way to motivate someone to take care of plants!

porch plants and furniture

6. Decorate with color

Of course, no front porch would be a good front porch without some colorful accessories and furniture. Open, outdoor spaces are much more forgiving for bright colors.

Try a bright, patterned fabric for the outdoor sofa or chairs. Paint a wood or metal coffee table in turquoise, bright pink or yellow. Make it subtle by painting a nice color around the windows, or changing the shade of the outdoor shutters.

7. Make it yours

Most importantly, though, what’s important is to make your front porch yours. If you do it well, you’ll be spending a lot of time there reading, writing, daydreaming or hanging out, so you want it to be comfortable and inviting.

Add some personal touches with your favourite patterns or a funky garden sculpture. You can even install a small fridge for keeping that beer or rosé wine cool!

Do you enjoy hanging on your front porch? What have you done to make yours more comfortable and beautiful? Let us know in the comments!

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