How to Mix and Match Patterns in Home Design

Whether you’re decorating a fixer upper or looking for ideas to renovate your space, there are several ways to change up the floor design and decor to create a fresh new look by mixing and matching patterns. It can be as simple as changing the color of the walls and adding a patterned rug to the space can be enough to transform the room. You can make a bigger transformation with a new floor installation and by playing with different colors, textures, and patterns throughout the living areas.

Here are some ways to mix and match patterns in home design:

Stick with a Color Palette

Even when you’re mixing different designs and patterns with your flooring, wall decor, and home accents, you’ll want to stick with a color palette. This will help balance out the space and create some harmony among the mix of patterns and designs. Whether you’re decorating the space with oversized cushions, art work, rugs, antique furniture, or contemporary decor, choose just one or two colors that complement each other for some consistency and harmony in the space.

For example, your theme might be red, black, and white for a classic and chic look or blue, yellow, and green for a more tropical vibe.

scandi style living room

Use Neutrals as a Base

Whether you’re picking out some tile flooring or want to choose the color of the main rug, stick with a natural color before adding different types of patterns and designs. Neutral floors and walls are the best base for decorating with bold patterns, rich textures, and vibrant designs. If you chose flooring or walls with a bold pattern or design, it can create a sense of chaos in the room and also make the room look smaller. Stick with lighter shades and more neutral tones to create the perfect living area.

Play with Different Scales

Tiny prints and patterns on upholstery can contrast with oversized or jumbo patterns on rugs and wall decor. Play with different scale prints in the same color family or color palettes to create the most seamless look. Choosing a variety of scale in different patterns can also make the space feel more comfortable and livable. It adds some character and personality, especially if you have the right color combinations.

Patterns Design

Be Bold with Prints

Mixing and matching patterns is all about expressing your unique tastes and stepping a little out of your comfort zone in your design. Don’t be afraid to choose bold and vibrant prints and designs to contrast with neutral tones. Prints that have a monochromatic design can work especially well in smaller rooms when you want to draw attention away from certain areas of the room. You can also play with a mix of different bold colors and designs to contrast with a beige or white wall to add a splash of color and style in just the right places.

Stick with One Pattern Across the Room

One way to really make the most of mixing and matching patterns around the home is to stick with one pattern and pick up pieces in the same pattern with different colors and in different scales. For example, if you chose polka dots as your lead pattern, you could pick up cushion covers and floor cushions with miniature polka dots and oversized polka dots. Your upholstered chair might be covered in giant polka dots, while a throw across the couch might have very tiny dots. The goal of this approach is to play with different scales while maintaining the same lead design.

dark living room interior with floral wallpaper

Mix Up Global Designs

An easy way to add some character and personality to any room is by mixing up fabrics and textiles from different cultures and countries. From Mexico to Asia, you can find a variety of bold and vibrant fabrics and home decor items that can add some life and richness to the space.

You’ll find that even the boldest and brightest designs don’t clash when they’re next to each other, and you can balance out the colors in the room by keeping everything else fairly neutral. Black and white rooms can be a great backdrop for Moroccan, African, and Asian prints and designs, so you’ll want to experiment with a few different styles and designs.

Whether you’re updating your living space or mapping out plans for a fixer-upper, make the most of your home decor budget and flooring installation by playing with different patterns and designs. Use these tips to make sure your flooring, walls, and decor work well together and create a truly unique living space.

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