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How to Paint Furniture: 5 Must-Read Tutorials

Painting furniture is easy.  All you need is the paint and a paint brush, right?  WRONG!

It may seem simple to paint a piece of furniture, but once you get started, the results may not be what you anticipated.  When using the right tools, the best products, and some advice from the experts, painting a piece of furniture to achieve a positive result so it can be displayed in your home, is possible.

Here are 5 tutorials that you must read before laying a brush on your next furniture transformation.

1. How to Paint Furniture Tutorial One: Centsational Girl

Kate, a.k.a. Centsational Girl, has painted A LOT of furniture, and she is my go-to-gal for painting tutorials.  She has written numerous posts on How to Paint Furniture and always gives a thorough description of each step.  She shares her real-life pictures of the furniture transformation throughout the entire project and makes wonderful recommendations on what products and tools that she thinks work best.

Read: Kate’s Two Toned Dresser Makeover

2. How to Paint Furniture Tutorial Two: Young House Love

Showing less pictures, but still a very thorough description, Young House Love also showcased a comprehensive tutorial on How to Paint Furniture.  In their steps, they give a complete breakdown of how to paint anything – a chair, a table, a desk…

Read: Resembling a $500 Pottery Barn table, this thrift store find was transformed within just a few hours, by Young House Love

3. How to Paint Furniture Tutorial Three: The Frugal Girl

Kristen of The Frugal Girl isn’t a pro painter, accepts imperfections, and loves the way a piece of furniture can be transformed with a paint makeover.  Her tutorial on How to Paint Furniture gives a comprehensive look at how to change any style piece with some paint.  With time and patience, she shares her tips and ideas on how to achieve a newly refurbished furniture piece to display in your home.

Read: A Dresser Makeover by The Frugal Girl

4. How to Paint Furniture Tutorial Five: Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed, a.k.a. Marian, is a guru when it comes to painting furniture. She’s transformed it all, so she’ll surely knows the best techniques and the best (and worst) products to use.  She wrote a guest post on Perfectly Imperfect and shared her all-time favorites – her favorite brush, her favorite paint, her favorite glazes, her favorite techniques, and even her go-to colors.  It’s not an actual tutorial of how to paint, but the post gives great insight into what to use and how to use it.

Read: Miss Mustard Seed’s Painting Favorites

5. How to Paint Furniture Tutorial Five: Just a Girl

Chris of Just a Girl gives really insightful tips and suggestions on How to Paint Furniture.  She goes into detail on the products to use, how much paint should be on the brush, how to create a smooth finish, and much more.

Read: Just a Girl’s Painted Table

What piece of furniture are you going to paint first?

Jenna Burger

Jenna Burger is a talented and creative bargain-shopper, DIYer, and Interior Designer. Through her daily blog and resource website, SAS Interiors, she is dedicated to showcasing simple, affordable, and stylish interior design solutions, ideas, and inspiration for the everyday homeowner.


  1. I spray paint furniture all the time! Here’s my step-by-step. Maybe it will help somebody out there like I was reluctant to paint. It’s easy, inexpensive, & effective.

    Nice round up by the way. I heart John & Sherry!

  2. would LOVE to see a post on how BEST to distress furniture after you’ve painted! Just a suggestion. AMAZING post and oh so helpful. Thanks!

  3. I’m so impressed and just found your site.Thank you for sharing some of your tips.Great short and to the point tutorial, definitely has me ready to take on some of my painting projects!!!!

  4. Great post and very helpful, especially Tutorial three and Tutorial Five.

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