How To Prepare Your Living Space For Holiday Guests

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With the Holiday season quickly approaching, decorations, parties, and out-of-town guests may seem daunting especially when it comes to changing routines and making room for others. But you need not worry, as these tips will help you to organize and rearrange your current space while making enough room for all, and be welcoming too.

Clear out clutter

From the living room to guest room, it is important to stash away clutter. Instead of just throwing your things into a big box, try using lid boxes or bins which can either be left out or tucked away. If your guests are staying more than just a day or two, pick up inexpensive luggage racks so that their clothes are easily accessible, keeping you from needing to clear out a drawer or two.

Other nice touches include setting out towels, extra blankets, and pillows before your out-of-towners arrive. And as always, it is comforting to welcome your guests with fresh flowers or freshly baked cookies.

A day as your guest

Before your guests arrive, spend a day in their shoes. Hang out in their assigned room or area and see what works and what does not. Check all lamps for working bulbs, check TV remote batteries, offer an alarm clock, and make sure to dust away those dust bunnies and cobwebs!

For extra comfort, you can give your visitors with a bathroom basics basket filled with wash cloths, tissues, sample-sized toothpaste, and shampoo. For your extra special guests, you can even give them a hook or a few hangers for their clothes.

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Measure before rearranging

If your current space does not accommodate a guest room, fear not, as rearranging your living room furniture is a great alternative. One of the most important items to consider when rearranging is to leave enough room for movement and foot traffic.

Taking a few measurements of your space and furnishings will help you to decide the exact ways in which you can comfortably place your furniture as this task is especially tricky in living rooms where space can become easily overcrowded. One item to consider is to push up your sofa up against a wall thus allowing a bed area for guests while also opening up the area for a “floating” furniture arrangement.

Balancing act

Even though your furniture rearrangement is temporary, that does not mean that the room can’t look well-balanced and put together. In reorganizing a room, balance and the visual weight of items is crucial. Before you begin to balance your room, pick a focal point.

Whether it is a fire-place or bay window, your furniture should always be rearranged around this focal point. One important item to note is that your biggest piece of furniture should be placed opposite the focal point for correct balance. Once you have that, you are free to arrange your other furniture items, lighting, and rugs.

And voila – now you can successfully tackle the holiday season while not having to worry about spacing issues and whether or not your guests feel comfortable.


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