How to Preserve Your Home’s Curb Appeal in the Winter

You’ve got a beautiful yard, one which creates incredible curb appeal, and you’re about to sell your house. All looks good until you realize that it’s the middle of January the snow is flying and ice is at the end of the driveway. Not to worry. No lawn, no flowers, no problem. There are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your curb appeal in the winter.

curb appeal winter

Beautiful winter blooms

There are actually several beautiful plants that bloom in the winter naturally. During the rest of the year these plants are still appealing when they are kept groomed, but it’s in the winter that they break forth and really shine. Depending upon your location you could try planting camellia, blue holly or winter hazel. The beauty of winter plants like these is while the rest of the world looks dormant and gray, these little beauties will be flaring in your front yard making it look alive and pleasant.

Outdoor lighting

Another factor about winter is that the days are shorter. Outdoor lighting is a good idea for safety, whether you’re selling your house or not. But they can also be very attractive. Start with a series of path lights that illuminate the path to your door. Flank the door itself with decorative lanterns or sconces. These wonderful touches will enhance your look in the summer as well.

It’s not recommended to leave the holiday decorations up if Christmas is over; however, some of the lights still add a nice touch to the trim, or even a bit of flash and color around certain outdoor plants. You don’t want red and green lights, but blue or white can be simply decorative, even stylish. And icicle lights hanging on the roofline are attractive while looking cheerily seasonal.

A water feature

You’re probably thinking, water is a ridiculous notion. Water freezes. True, but moving water doesn’t freeze until it gets much colder. A fountain, bubblers, aerator or waterfall can look classy. There is a sense of life with moving water and that will add to your curb appeal. You can use a heater or a de-icer to keep still parts of your water feature from freezing over.

Entry door color

You may have to plan ahead if you want to paint your door, but as long as it is 50 degrees it should be fine to paint. Upgrading your door to a steel or vinyl door is a good idea in any case. They hold their value better than other doors and are easier to paint as well.

Go with a bright color – a blue or red. And be sure and use a quality semi-gloss paint made for exterior painting. An eye-catching door can make a huge difference to people looking at your house from the outside.

Add some winter touches

The gray coldness of winter doesn’t have to stop you from keeping your curb appeal high. Just add a few touches, keep the walkways clear of snow and keep your winter appearance warm and appealing.


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