How To Redecorate Your Bathroom With Accent Pieces

Bathrooms are such an integral part of the home that making them as beautiful and comfortable as any other room in the house is very important. The fact is, however, that they serve such a specific function that it’s easy to let them become simply utilitarian. But this doesn’t have to be the case, especially since there are so many simple ways to transform a bathroom into a pleasant environment using simple accent pieces.

Repurposed art on the walls

What is right the accessory for a bathroom wall? This isn’t the living room; you don’t want to over-think it, or go too kitschy. Simple is usually best, but keep it appealing. You could use any everyday object as long as you keep an artistic eye.

Try taking a simple wooden frame and attaching an elegant fabric and hanging it on the wall. Or, try a simple flat board, painted with chalkboard paint, and scrawl a playful quote from Dr. Seuss.

Shower curtain

A shower curtain is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to spruce up the bathroom. If you have a particularly monochrome bathroom, simply buying a shower curtain with a bright color will enliven the room immediately.

If you think your current curtain is adequate, still changing it out will freshen the look. You don’t need an expensive or particularly decorative shower curtain to affect a pleasant change. Some even get a custom look by taking a plain curtain and embellishing it with buttons and trim.

Towel bars and hooks

There are two possible directions to go. If you want to continue using towel bars but change its style, a fun idea is to take some reclaimed wood towel bars, (quite often you can create some of your own using recycled packing palettes), and finish them with a rustic look that will give your bathroom added character.

The other option is to forego towel bars entirely and install hooks next to the shower – or get creative and put them in a pattern across the wall. Include an additional hook below the others on which to dry the bath mat.

Refinished Crate Shelves

No need to buy expensive shelving; simply pick up some crate shelves at a craft-store. Now select your favorite color paint, or stain, and you’re done. Now you have cabinets you can either attach to the wall or place in the right spot for bathroom product storage. Better yet, place knickknacks in the slots for the perfect decorative wall piece.

Finishing Touches

Accessorize your bathroom with some apothecary jars or baskets for a fun decorative touch plus added storage for milled soap, nail polish, towels, or cotton balls.

Aromatic candles are always appreciated as added elegance to the room and create the perfect ambience during a soak in the tub.

Plants, flowers, and small terrariums lift the feel of any room and will be especially welcome in the bathroom.

It is possible to go overboard when adding accents to your bathroom. Be sure you don’t end up cluttering the room when your goal was to enhance it with simple accessories. Clean, bright and beautiful will keep you on track.


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