How To Spiff Up Your Decor When Holding Off On A Major Reno

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When you’re building momentum for a big renovation project, here are some ways to add some sparkle to the décor you’re gearing up to change.


Many things can get in the way of your renovation dreams. Your budget might not be quite right or you may not have the time. That doesn’t mean you should live in a space you’re unhappy with. Use these tricks to keep your house fresh and inviting while you’re planning for, or saving for, that dream renovation.

Scour your tile

Is your kitchen tile looking dingy? You may want to replace old, cracked, or otherwise unappealing tile, but you don’t have the money in your budget. Until you can replace it, giving that tile a heavy-duty cleaning will make it look brighter and newer, especially if you give your dirty grout some elbow grease.

Unroll area rugs

We often become less than fond of the flooring in our home as time goes on. Whether it’s outdated linoleum or fake hardwood that doesn’t match the decor, you have solutions to cover it up while you wait to totally renovate.

Area rugs are great because they add a pop of color and design to your living space, and you can easily and affordably switch them out when you’re ready for a change. The same goes for soft bath mats in the bathroom. The best part is, you can clean the mats and rugs for a quick refresher in any room.

Refurbish kitchen cabinets

If you’re not a fan of your kitchen cabinets, don’t despair. Until you can afford to replace them, several options can make them look nicer in the meantime. A fresh coat of paint and new knobs or handles on your cabinets and drawers will go a long way towards updating your kitchen before you remodel. Consider staining your cabinets if they’re made of wood

New bathroom accessories

Living with a cramped, outdated bathroom is frustrating. However, undertaking a partial or full bathroom renovation can be expensive and time-consuming if you’re not able to fully commit to doing so.

While you’re saving up for that renovation, adding new accessories to your bathroom will give you more space and brighten up the small area. Buy a new shower curtain, soap dispenser, or tissue box holder. Solve space issues by adding wall shelves to hold your hair and skin products.

Paint it up

Nobody wants old wallpaper or dated paint in any room. No matter what kind of renovation you’re saving up for, giving your rooms a new coat of paint is a great way to refresh the space while you wait to renovate. Peel off that old wallpaper, paint over the taupe, and don’t be afraid to go for a stencil design or an accent wall to really enliven your interior design efforts.

Switch up your lighting

While waiting to install new light fixtures, get new lamps, lanterns, and string lights to brighten your space. Washing your windows inside and out will also help bring more light into your rooms during the daytime.

Small changes beget big results! Try a few of these ideas and see how different your living space feels. Just because you can’t renovate now doesn’t mean you need to be tired of your home, so get started today and enjoy your space more!


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