How to Stage Your Home Using the Right Paint Colors


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There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to sell your house. Whether it be figuring out storage needs, scheduling open houses, or making home improvements, we understand this can be stressful. In many cases, a fresh coat of paint is a necessary improvement and also usually provides a significant return on investment. Selecting paint colors to compliment any home staging you do can quickly give your house a cohesive design and accomplish an upgrade and making your house beautiful at the same time.

While some may need to tackle major improvements and upgrades, a fresh coat of paint can provide a maximum impact for a relatively small project. Painting an entire house might not be cheap, but it’s one that you can do yourself and it’s less expensive than remodeling bathrooms or a kitchen, while still giving the entire house a fresh new look that can impress prospective buyers.

Alongside painting, staging your house is another project that you can do yourself that has shown to have a positive impact on sales. Staging involves artfully arranging furniture and a curated selection of décor. This presents potential buyers with a clean, blank, but pleasant space, that they can imagine themselves moving into. When staging, the only items that remain in your house should be the ones that are absolutely essential to your day to day life and ones that add small touches of classic style and warmth to the space.

This process can also be an opportunity to reevaluate what you have, what you want to move and what it’s time to let go of. Selling items you no longer want can not only give you a little extra money for your move, but gives you the opportunity to stage with a new design that you can move with you. Overall design can be difficult for some to get started on and often time consuming. Looking into online resources for inspiration like Pinterest or even full interior design services can be a good option for those looking for a new paint and design.

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Anyone who’s sold a home knows that paint color can unfortunately loom large in a buyer’s mind, so it’s best to stick with a classic or basic contemporary color. To build out your new color story, start with a neutral color to build around that speaks to you. Neutrals don’t always have to mean eggshell and taupe either, today more colors like navy blue and grey/beige “greige” can also be contemporary neutrals. However, if there’s a specific color that is uniquely your personal-style that dominates your existing furniture and décor (like flamingo pink) that you’re not planning to replace, pick a simple paint color for the walls that can balance it out.

Natural light within the space and undertones should also be considered when selecting a paint color, rooms with different exposures will make the same paint look drastically different throughout the day. Considering undertones in cabinetry and flooring can also come into play as well, just like when trying to decide whether dark or light flooring work better in a certain space, coordinating undertones with paint should also play into the paint decision. Matching warm/cool tones between stains and paint are usually a good rule of thumb, particularly in smaller spaces.

staging your home paint color

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As soon as you have your neutral color for the walls picked out, you can start to expand your color palette for the rest of the space. Again, if you’re keeping your existing items try to narrow it down to things that add only one or two other accent colors. For those who are moving everything out and either staging through a company or beginning to purchase new items for your new home, there are two ways you can make the best use of your décor.

The first is by selecting one color that has multiple shades and tones you like to round out the room. The other way is to select one or two complimentary colors on the color wheel for your accents. For example, if you’ve selected a warm toned ivory for the walls; find two or three similar hues in a warm reds like cranberry or brick, and for the complimentary-color route, items in navy blue and mint green.

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Matching paint colors and décor can be a simple way to provide additional value to your home while already preparing it to sell. Upgrades, large and small, can go a long way in making sure that the final result is a sparkling, fresh space with a tasteful design for buyers to admire.


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