How To Tastefully Decorate For Halloween: An Infographic

A few years ago, we celebrated the art of going completely overboard with Halloween decorations. In that piece, we looked at some brave, bold, and creative uses of giant pumpkins and monstrously large Frankenstein’s monsters as temporary (we assume) home decor.

But, what if you want to get into the Halloween spirit without investing in a giant inflatable spider sitting on your roof, or a life-sized Dracula’s coffin on your porch? Well, luckily that’s not out of the question. In fact, that’s totally possible!

Take a look at some of these ideas, based on yet another piece we published recently, presented here in infographic form.


The thing is, that even with Halloween decorations, people have different points of view and different goals that come out of them. So, if you love the kitschy approach, then go for it. As always, it’s your home and your rules. But, if you’re looking for subtlety, darkly-themed style, or in actually creating decor that is legitimately macabre, then the above completely applies.

Associations with Halloween

Sometimes what makes for the best visual and atmospheric effects when it comes to decor is tapping into cultural associations we’ve got with an occasion like Halloween.  Just like in the scary movies you watch, sometimes it’s the little things that make it atmospheric and spooky rather than the big BOO! Color combinations that affect mood, or have cultural associations are a great way to go. Even decor that suggests gothic or neo-gothic design, which is where a lot of our associations come from, can help you to create a Halloween feel in a space.

Halloween zones

I think a really strong idea among the many from the above that can be applied to any space and at any time of year is the idea of a zone – limited decor to a single area. So, instead of feeling as if you need to decorate an entire exterior, why not just concentrate on the front door, or a display you set up on the porch? The same goes for an interior; a single corner, a chair, a single piece of furniture with artwork positioned above it . If for nothing else, this approach makes updating that space a lot easier once November 1st rolls around!

Make Halloween fun, and stylish too

That’s the big takeaway here. It should be a fun thing to decorate for the Halloween season, not a chore. But, I think it’s also a time to make a stylish statement while doing so, using simplicity and subtlety, and the ideas of tapping into associations and using zones to help you do it.

What are your Halloween decorations like?

Do you go whole hog with the gadgets and smoke machines?

Do you stick to the autumnal and the subtly macabre?

Tell us about it in the comments section of this post!

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