Ian Watt Talks To Us About Our Outdoor Laminate Flooring

We invited special guest Ian Watt to come by to check out our floor.  Ian is a local Realtor in the Vancouver area, focusing on luxury condos in trendy Yaletown, Coal Harbour and in the downtown area.  He’s also a podcaster and you can see his shows on his website at ianwatt.ca.  In any case, his first question to us was perhaps the most obvious one:  who are we trying to impress?

Well, that’s not how he put it, but that’s what he meant.  Here’s Marc and Ian talking turkey about laminate flooring, and a bit about prices too, and we think we just about avoided infomercial country. You decide.


A couple of points from the sales department on this interview.  First, Marc and Ian talk a bit about shipping, and Marc mentions a 5-8 day turnaround time.  In the spirit of full disclosure, Marc didn’t mention additional business days to allow for ‘picking ‘ the product in the warehouse and travel time.  Also, timing heavily depends on customer site location in relation to the location of one of our distribution points.

So, if you have any specific questions about how long it will take to get a pallet to your site, my advice is to call our laminate guys and talk to them about the specifics of your project.  Or you can send them an email at laminate (at) builddirect dot com.

Second, Jamie  from commercial sales is trying to wrestle this post out of my hands.  So, to make him happy, here he is with his own thoughts about the product.  Warning:  he’s a salesman so, no sudden movements.


Thanks, Jamie.


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