Idaho Power Encourages Users to Conserve Use in Expanding Green Economy

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Power supplier in the Boise area,  Idaho Power are encouraging its customers to use less product in a bid to lessen the strain on advanced demand for electricity.

In a move that seems counterproductive to many among the profit-minded, strain on local power grids are forcing creative ways of meeting power needs without overspending on electricity bought elsewhere.  The company which serves almost half a million customers in Idaho and in Oregon is helping to avoid the extremely costly construction of new power plants in the area by encouraging more efficient practices on the part of its customers.

Although to some this move may look like a means to curtail local commerce in the short-term, job creation in diverse-but-related sectors have helped to kick start local economies.  The efforts to minimize overspending on external sources of electricity have resulted in new jobs in retrofitting construction, efficiency inspection, and green building consultation and training, among other related areas.

In a greater economic context, these ‘green’ jobs are now being seen as growth industries nationwide.  According to USGBC Green Jobs Study, nearly 8 million jobs are likely to be supported by 2013, creating an additional $554 million in domestic gross product.  This has tremendous impact on local economies that thrive on trade industries, as well as on those that are seeking ways to curtail overspending on power needs. m

The growth areas in construction are starting most significantly on  non-residential and larger scale projects, such as schools, hospitals, and government buildings.   The main thrust in these sectors are centered around efficiency and energy-saving improvements that will make less of a demand on power requirements.

Profits and job loss when less product is sold is no longer a forgone conclusion in the expanding green economy, when efficiency and economic diversification comes to local markets like they have in Boise.

Read more about USGBC green jobs here.  Learn about how  Idaho Power is encouraging energy efficiency here.

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