Ideas For Upcycled Items For Container Gardens

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clawfoot tub planter

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From bathtubs to pallets and old shoes, you can turn nearly any object into a container overflowing with stunning plant material. Check out these seven ideas for upcycling your household junk into beautiful planters.

Clawfoot bathtub planter

For a large planter to hold a plethora of plant material, use a clawfoot bathtub or an old metal tub. Fill the tub with a healthy amount of soil instead of soap, and add flowers and foliage for impressive pops of color. Although plain porcelain or metal will look fine, consider painting your new planter for even more color.

Tiny funnel planter

If you’re a fan of the small terrariums that have taken over DIY home decor blogs, try something slightly less delicate with found plastic objects. Locate a small plastic funnel and give a home to a funky plant. Consider a cactus or a small fern; take advantage of the natural drainage the funnel affords. Hang up one or more funnel planters for an extra cool look.

Shoe flowerpots

For a feminine touch in your backyard, round up some heels or boots that have seen better days. Pack your heels with small plants whose roots don’t need a lot of depth and get even more creative with old rain or work boots. Position these shoe flowerpots throughout your yard or on your window ledges for intriguing conversation pieces.

boot planters picket fence

Hanging wine bottle pots

If you have a few empty wine bottles hanging around, you can make your own hanging pots. Add some vines that will climb up and out of the bottles. Hang your new pots from some low but sturdy branches or over your patio. Let the greenery grow and take over its bottle for a chic, upcycled look.

Toy planters

If your kids have outgrown their share of toy cars or trucks, collect the toys and turn them into whimsical planters. Dump trucks work best since the trucks are made for carrying dirt and have plenty of capacity for plants. Get started with some small, leafy green plants or get colorful and plant a bright flower mix. If the wheels are still intact, you can even move these planters around the yard for sun, water or constantly changing layouts.

Chair plant display

Do you have older antique chairs or a spare bench around the house that you haven’t had time to refinish or reupholster? Turn the seat into something new outside. Place a variety of plants on top and underneath the chair or bench and let nature reclaim the display.

Book garden

Choose a vintage-looking book, but make sure the book is not one with significant value. This technique works best with hardcover books, since you’ll want something with structure. Close the book and carve through the front cover and as many pages as you like to create a space for your plants. This book garden looks great inside or outside.

Take stock of what’s around

The next time you’re seeking a stunning container garden display, skip the purchased planters. Take stock of all the extra containers, furniture and vintage objects throughout your home and upcycle them for a decidedly green look.


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