7 Ideas To Improve Your Home For Spring

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Spring is here, weird weather in some places notwithstanding.  The reason that I think that Spring is such a popular choice in the ‘favorite season’ stakes is that Spring is traditionally a time of new beginnings; the birds and the bees, and the flowers, the trees, and so on.  Everyone appreciates a fresh start.  And now that winter has made a tactical withdraw, it’s a great time to think about how to proceed with yours.

In the spirit of this, I thought it might be kind of fun to list off a few ideas for projects around the house that are perfect for the Spring season.  Sometimes, it makes sense to hire a contractor to help with some of these kinds of projects.  It all depends on your budget, your experience, or even your level of comfort.  But, whether you hire a professional, or undertake the work yourself, Springtime is the perfect time to start thinking about these seven ideas about how to transform your property.

Here they are!

1. De-clutter
There is a reason that traditions become traditions; sometimes they just make sense.  Taking a good look at what’s been accumulated over the year, and deciding what needs to go is a great way to get a sense of a new beginning.  Once again, Spring is practically a huge neon sign in tribute to new beginnings.  And who knows?  Maybe the clearing out of the old can give you insights on what should be a part of the new.  To get some ideas about how to de-clutter, check out this post about how to de-clutter in less than 500 words.  And for interior design insights and advice, why not do some research with the help of the experts in interior design?

2. Install a deck
To get the ultimate enjoyment out of the Spring air, why not create an outdoor place in which to really enjoy it? And while you’re at it, why not add some resale value to your home as well? Whether it’s a natural wood like cedar, a composite or vinyl material, a deck can extend the use and enjoyment of your property.  And in modern design, decks are becoming increasingly integrated with a whole property in climates which allow it, incorporating elements of living rooms and even kitchens in an outdoor milieu.  Even in urban areas, deck tiles that can be clicked together over a flat surface like a balcony can really add dimension to even the most modest abode.

3. Inspect your siding
All winter, your property has withstood the rigors of winter weather.  An assessment of where your exterior stands now that Spring is here may be just the thing.  This is your chance to refinish, or even replace your siding, and get out and enjoy the Spring weather while you’re at it.  If you’ve got an older property, perhaps it’s time to take a look at adding a new look, with wood, stone, or manufactured stone siding that can transform your old house into the new home you’ve always wanted.

4. Inspect your roof
With weather, animal traffic, debris like tree sap and bird-droppings that can degenerate your roofing shingles, and moisture erosion due to moss or other sources of rot, your roof can be a weak point in keeping heating costs low and further damage to your property at bay.    Springtime is your chance to get up there and see what the state of things are, and what should be done to make sure your roof is secure.  Now’s your chance to clear leaves and branches away, to allow your roof to breathe, and to ensure that moisture isn’t collecting on the surface of the shingles.   And while you’re up there (and are being extremely careful!), why not check out your eaves troughs, too?  Insuring good drainage in this way on a roof is paramount to its health and long-term durability.

5. Landscape your yard
Since you may have left your yard to its own devices through the winter, Spring is the perfect time to show your yard that you still love it.  It’s a great family project, with the kids helping to rake up debris (my daughter loves raking!) or help with the weeding, while you lay down new stone pavers for patios and paths, or plan new garden beds.  And it may be time to engage in a session of research to see what top gardening experts out there are advising for your specific climate.  Plant a vegetable garden, or some shrubs.  Add greenery, make your yard into an idyllic setting of your very own, and watch the wonders of Spring unfold right outside of your door.

6. Re-sand your floor
Inside? On a day like today?  Madness!  But, it’s really not. Sanding an existing wood floor  is a messy job.  And you want to be able to keep all of the windows open to make sure that any residual dust caused by re-sanding makes an exit.  You also want to make sure that you’ve got good airflow when you’re refinishing a floor, too.  Open windows and doors are just the ticket.  The moderate Spring air will allow this not to be too uncomfortable, or energy-depleting when it comes to your heating bills.

7. Re-paint
For similar reasons, repainting in a space where windows and doors can remain comfortably open is a great time to transform a space using the power of paint.  With somber winter on the run, why not think about an infusion of new color in time for Spring? Do you need some innovative ideas on this kind of project?  Why not take a look at Debbie Travis’ best tips for decorating with paint?

So there you have it; seven ideas on how to transform your space in time for Spring, and for your social gatherings into the Summer, too, when friends and family get to share the enjoyment of a space you’ve had a hand in taking from a Winter of Discontent into the Springboard for a new beginning.



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