If These Walls Could Talk: Q&A with Cedar Roofing

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Not so much a wall as a roof, cedar roofing holds walls together. Still, this is the last in our If These Walls Could Talk series, in which we’ve imagined what popular exterior  building materials might say for themselves, if they could be interviewed. Take a look at the musings of a true O.G (original gangsta!) when it comes to durable, and attractive exteriors … 



Quality Cedar Roofing hit it big in the 1990s with his signature hip hop phrase, “raise the roof”, which constituted the entire lyrics, including chorus, for all songs on his seven platinum albums. In addition to his musical success, Cedar Roofing has long been recognized as an all-natural product that looks great and increases the value of your home as shakes or shingles.

We met up with Quality Cedar Roofing at his west coast home near Seattle, Washington*.

BuildDirect. Could you tell us about how the west coast has influenced your work?

Cedar Roofing. Straight up. West-side definitely has a different flavor than the east coasters. You could say we’re more rugged in the Pacific Northwest. All my cedar has a natural toughness.

BuildDirect. How do you mean?

Cedar Roofing. We like to live large and show off. But underneath, we got enough toughness to resist the weather, insects, UV rays, all that. It’s like we were raised in the streets — the mean streets of backwoods British Columbia, Alaska and Washington state. With proper maintenance, a cedar roof can last decades.

BuildDirect. You seem to be as popular as ever.

Cedar Roofing. Indubitably! Uh, I mean, fo’shizzle. It’s probably for a few reasons. Number one, I look good. You got to respect that.

My handsplit shakes get the crowds excited, since I give that rustic look to traditional, ranch, historical and vacation homes that want to blend into a kind of woodsy background. Cedar shingles on the other hand, those are kind of elegant.

BuildDirect. Elegant?

Cedar Roofing. Yeah, I know. But that’s what people say. Cedar shingles look pretty refined on just about any house. Not to mention, you guys give the cedar a fire treatment to make it a safer product. Props for that, man.
. What’s the difference between cedar shakes and cedar shingles?

Cedar Roofing. Now you’re getting technical on me. Is this a quiz? The difference is in how they’re made. Shingles are manufactured so they’re all the same size for ease of installation. Shakes are a bit thicker, aren’t uniform and don’t lay as flat, so you need an interlayer to help keep out the elements. But if you want rustic, shakes are the way to go.

BuildDirect. Do you have a preference?

Cedar Roofing. Some people want shakes. Some people want shingles. Either way, I promise to raise the roof.

BuildDirect. I knew you’d get that in there somewhere.

Cedar Roofing. Hey, that’s the line that paid for my crib.

BuildDirect. Raise the roof!

Cedar Roofing. Indeed! Uh, I mean, Word


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