If These Walls Could Talk: Q&A With Cedar Wood Siding

In our continuing series of Q&A with the exterior building materials you know and love, here’s what we imagine an interview with cedar wood siding might be like …


Cedar Wood Siding has been a part of people’s homes since long after he changed the art world. Even at the beginning, back in the Soho galleries and poetry slams, Cedar Wood Siding was recognized as a colorful character that offered those around him a dizzying array of aesthetic options. His wild natural color range and surprisingly resilient character has translated into enduring popularity among homebuilders and renovators.

We joined Cedar Wood Siding at his (naturally) Cedar-shingled home in Seattle, Washington.

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BuildDirect. Other materials come and go, but Cedar is always a top pick. To be so popular year after year must be so incredible for you.

Cedar Wood Siding. You’re too kind. I just try to give the people what they want. Some will want that honey brown color, or a deep red, like cinnamon; but they all want Cedar. Even as I turned a silvery gray, homebuilders never stopped buying. Color is the essence of my success, I suppose. I owe a lot to color.

BuildDirect. You give your fans options.

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Cedar Wood Siding. Naturally (pun intended!). And color is just one factor. I also try to give homebuilders options about how they might want to use me. Shingles, shakes, whatever the people want. I’m customized in different ways, however they want it.

BuildDirect. The Andy Warhol of siding.

Cedar Wood Siding. Now you’re being mischievous. But yes, I guess it’s a little true.

BuildDirect. A lot of people seem to want more natural materials these days. Why do you think that is?

Cedar Wood Siding. Stop! People are going to think I’m full of myself when they read this interview! But look. People have used red cedar for centuries because of its natural oils and resins that help it stand up to the weather year after year.

Before they were putting me on houses, I was used to build canoes. Talk about a weatherproofing test, getting out on the water. I’m naturally resistant to water penetration and insects than some other materials. Certainly, those are some of the reasons for my enduring popularity.

BuildDirect. What else?

Cedar Wood Siding. I’m light, easy to work with and I keep my shape. I also help keep interiors warm in winter and cool in summer. Don’t ask me how. It just comes naturally.

Does that answer your question?

BuildDirect. You’ve been known for a flair for the dramatic sometimes. Have you ever had conflicts when working together with other materials?

Cedar Wood Siding. I know what you’re getting at. Shame on you for bringing it up!

BuildDirect. Is it true?

Cedar Wood Siding. Common nails and screws just don’t agree with me. They never have. They always end up leaving an unsightly stain on me.

I’m much more comfortable being fastened with hot dipped galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel nails or screws. I’m sorry, it’s just the way I am. I need to work with nails and screws that have a little bit of refinement to them.

BuildDirect. I didn’t mean to offend you!

Cedar Wood Siding. Oh, I’m fine. You’ve been great. You say this interview is going up on the BuildDirect blog? Say hello to everyone there. Kiss, kiss!


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