If These Walls Could Talk: Q&A With Faux Stone Siding Panels

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The next episode in our If These Walls Could Talk series, in which we “interview”  popular, attractive, and stylish exterior building materials comes an option for lightweight, and imminently fashion-conscious faux stone siding panels. Here’s what she had to say …


From the runways of Marseilles to countless homes across North America, Faux Stone Siding Panels slide their way on to the sides of our houses and into our hearts. These panels are all the fashion, sporting a fantastic range of styles over top of their ultra-light frames. From brick patterns, to stacked stone, to rock face, she’s worn it all gracefully under the glare of the spotlight.

We managed to catch Faux Stone Side Panels in between photo shoots outside of her latest home.


BuildDirect. You look incredible, Faux Stone Side Panels. But I guess you get that all the time.

Faux Stone Siding Panels. You’re such a flirt! I can’t take all the credit. Stoneworks’ high-impact resistant polyurethane materials look great on any home. They look just like real stone!

BuildDirect. But you’re so light on your feet.

Faux Stone Siding Panels. My panels just look like real stone, silly. I’m just a fraction of the weight! And I don’t mind people knowing that I’m the most cost-effective option out there for homeowners and renovators looking to add that classic stone look to their structure.

Source: fauxpanels.com via Linda on Pinterest


BuildDirect. I’ve heard that you’re so light that many people just install you without needing a contractor.

Faux Stone Siding Panels. Well, not everyone does. But why would anyone pay a builder to lug me around? It’s easy to just cut, carry and install me. I’m practically weightless.

Source: gasfireplacess.com via Jamie on Pinterest


BuildDirect. Did I hear you’ve become an environmentalist?

Faux Stone Siding Panels. It’s so important for us to take care of nature. I don’t just increase property values from my good looks; I also make homes more energy-efficient.

BuildDirect. You set such a good example.

Faux Stone Siding Panels. Oh, I just do what comes naturally. I can’t help being light, thin and stylish! (Giggle!).

BuildDirect. You’re great.

Faux Stone Siding Panels. Well, I think you’re fabulous, too! Tah!


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