If These Walls Could Talk: Q&A With Manufactured Stone Vaneer Siding

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In part 3 of our If These Walls Could Talk series, in which we “interview” popular exterior building materials, this episode’s star is one tough contender – manufactured stone vaneer siding siding … 


Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding has been punching above his weight ever since he came on to the scene in the 19th-century era of bare-knuckles boxing. A tough competitor with other building materials, Manufactured Stone Veneer’s success has come from his ability to take up any kind of style to fit the job: he’s mastered them all, from granite and chardonnay to almond buff and Alabama ledge stone.

We got the chance to catch up with Manufactured Stone Veneer just outside of his gym in Catskill, New York. He allowed us this exclusive interview.

Manufactured stone vaneer siding Chardonay from BuildDirect

BuildDirect. You’re looking great, Manufactured Stone Veneer.

Manufactured Stone Veneer. What are you implying, son?

BuildDirect. Uh, I didn’t mean anything negative. Just that you’re looking slim. What is that, one inch? Two inch thickness?

Manufactured Stone Veneer. Sheesh. It’s still happening. Everyone thinks I’m such a lightweight. Real nice, pal.

BuildDirect. But you are lightweight! You’re far lighter than actual stone. And that’s one reason why you’re so much less expensive!

Manufactured Stone Veneer. You’re just digging yourself in deeper, dude.

BuildDirect. Aw, gee. Look, I just meant that you’re one half to one third the cost of actual stone.

Manufactured Stone Veneer. Yeah, but I’m hard. Real hard. Don’t forget about that. Anytime weather comes and picks a fight with me, guess who’s still standing after? Me. That’s right. I’m still the champ. 50 year limited warranty, baby!

BuildDirect. Tell me about your favorite fighting style.

Manufactured Stone Veneer. Hey, I don’t pick favorites. The homebuilder picks them. They want granite veneer for that old-timey look? That’s fine. Someone’s home is their castle. Some like that chardonnay shade, sort of a mix of gray, brown and orange. I can do that, too. I mix it up.

BuildDirect. Tell me about those rounds with Liston.

Manufactured Stone Veneer. Liston? That was a good one. Boy wants something a little different for his house. Well, I gave it to him. Mossy Creek style! Bam! Rich colors like no one had seen before. Color lock technology to stand up to the weather, cleaners, and pressure washing, you name it! Pow! Premium quality control to make sure the product ships with no issues! It all looks perfect.

Liston was knocked out when he saw it. The guy couldn’t get enough of it. Used it all around his house. Showed it off to all his friends.

BuildDirect. Wow. And you’re still in such great shape.

Manufactured Stone Veneer. It’s the training. I’m naturally durable, but then I fit together in this easy, inter-locking way for quick installation. A little maintenance is all I need to keep it together for years and years. You come back and see me in 10 years, 20 years, I bet I’m in better shape than you that day, pal. But seriously, we’re cool. I like you, BuildDirect.


Learn more about Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding for your home.

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