If These Walls Could Talk: Q&A With Stone Siding

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As our If These Walls Could Talk series continues, we muse about what it would be like to interview one of the oldest exterior building materials there is – stone siding. What would such an illustrious exterior surface say, if it could? Find out here!


Ledge stone stone siding “Golden White” from BuildDirect

The king of building materials, Stone Siding is respected for its natural beauty, unparalleled strength and outstanding durability. From the tallest castle to the most modest home, stone projects an authentic, unmistakable Old World charm.

We interviewed Stone Siding at an impressive home on the outskirts of London, where we could see he had installed himself as lord of the manor.

BuildDirect. You grace us with this opportunity for an interview, Stone Siding.

Stone Siding. It pleases me to answer your questions.

BuildDirect. Stone Siding is a long-lasting building material. Masonry can last 100 years or more. How do you account for your ability to weather storm after storm, year after year?

Stone Siding. In the old days, before the advent of prefabricated materials, common people knew that they could rely upon Stone Siding to keep them safe from the elements that might wear down less stern structures. The pleasant homes you see today sporting stone along their sides and fireplaces are directly inspired by the old castles and hearths of yore. Indeed, some of those old medieval structures still stand today.

Such is the power of Stone Siding.

BuildDirect. But we’re not building with stone quite the way we used to before.

Stone Siding. I suppose. Modern inventors have created sealants for Stone Siding to make us last even longer than before. One might say that they don’t build us like they used to – and that’s a good thing. With good sealant and minimal maintenance the stone you see today shall entrance the gaze of your descendants.

BuildDirect. What makes natural stone look different?

Stone Siding. Ah, here you ask of aesthetics. Let us take granite for instance. Each slab of natural stone will contain a crystalline design that is unique to the quarry from which it was hewn. It gives a texture that is not easily replicated. The range of my colors is glorious. From charcoal and sandstone to the many earthen hues of quartzite and other varieties, there are many choices, all pleasing to the eye.

BuildDirect. Well, what about Faux Stone Siding?

Stone Siding. I had thought the purpose of your visit was to discuss the true lineage. True, Faux Stone Siding is much desired by the people these days, more than in the old days. But I remain, for those who desire an authentic look that will last a hundred years.

BuildDirect. My apologies, Stone Siding.

Stone Siding. Quite alright. I do not let the heat get to me.

BuildDirect. That reminds me. Many people like to use Stone Siding in their fireplace.

Stone Siding. Certainly. Stones surrounding the hearth can look magnificent, with the light of the flames casting beautiful colors upon the stone. It is quite wonderful.

BuildDirect. One last question. I think we’ve come a long way since the early days of masonry construction. Are you easy to install?

Stone Siding. You should know. Your people have created the interlocking system whereby panels of stone will fit together quickly and easily. It is very impressive – a kingly feat.

BuildDirect. Thank you for giving your time, Stone Siding.

Stone Siding. It has been a worthy subject.


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