7 Impressive Green Roofs Around the World

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Green roofing has been a major strategy in pollution absorption, stormwater management, and general air quality improvement in urban areas. Green roofs have provided heat retention and general energy efficiency in all kinds of settings, as well. Other than these practical benefits, green roofs also add visually to urban settings, and generally work contrary to the idea that cities stand in opposition to the natural world.

The irony of course is that city living is becoming one of the most eco-friendly lifestyles there is, with better use of limited space, walking-distance destinations, better public transit, and now more recently, green roofs. We can only hope that the practices there will trickle down to where a lot of green building and urban planning improvement is really needed – the suburbs!

But, that  aside, let’s get back to green roofs specifically. I scoured the interwebs to see if I could find some of the most impressive examples of green roofing from all over the world. One objective here is to show how these green roofs add to the environmental responsibility quotient when it comes to some of the benefits listed above that green roofs deliver.

But, another I must admit, is the excuse to show some truly impressive images of green roofing, and how adding them to urban environments is not just about energy efficiency and best use of resources; it’s also about beautification, and psychological well-being that comes with living in a place where vegetation brightens up an otherwise concrete jungle.


1. Chicago City Hall Green Roof

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA, Established: 2001, Size: 20,300 sq.ft. Accessible to the public: yes, by appointment

2. Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) green roof

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Established: 1998 Size: almost 10, 000 sq.ft. Accessible to the public: yes

3. ACROS Fukuoka green roof

Location: Fukuoka City, Japan, Established: 1994 Size: over 100 000 sq.ft (14 terraces, 35 000 species) Accessible to the public: private access only

4. Jubilee Park green roof at Canary Wharf

Location: London, UK, Established: 2001 Size: 236 806 sq.ft. Accessible to the public: yes

5. Kö-Bogen green roof

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany, Established: construction began 2010, with 2013 end date Size: two city blocks Accessible to the public: yes

6. Zaragoza World Expo 2008 building

Location: Zaragoza, Spain, Established: 2008 Size: 765 000 sq.ft. Accessible to the public: yes

7. Vancouver Convention Center green roof

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Established: 2009 Size: Six acres Accessible to the public: yes


Big thanks to greenroofs.com, JetsonGreen.com, Inhabitat.com



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