In Denizli…travertine, travertine, textiles, travertine!

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Hey Guys,

Quick update. After a very, very long day of travel I arrived to my hotel in Denizli at 1230am local time. In the end it was over 24 hours of travel time, and NO SLEEP! Sorry to report to anyone who is planning on travelling Lufthansa from Vancouver to Frankfurt, NO entertainment systems in the seats!!!

Also, unfortunately you will have to wait for Istanbul video. Turns out flying into Istanbul is much like flying into Los Angeles or San Diego. You come in over the water and see very little of the city. I will spend Saturday afternoon there and Sunday so I will get some then. We should also be visiting Pamukkale tomorrow. Here is a picture so you will know what you have in store. It is pretty amazing to see.


Today I was at the factory and Rob will add some video from that. There isn’t any commentary as the machines were very loud. But I will fill you with words.  I also visited our quarry, a textile factory, and the local bazaar.

More later…

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Marc McPherson