In Love With Autumn: 8 Ideas To Make A Fall Garden Beautiful

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With the start of the cold and rainy season, it can be sad to see our gardens fade, and the flowers that brightened the space in summer gone for almost a year. But there are many ways to make your outdoor space come to life by planting a fall garden even as winter approaches. Try these ideas to make your garden look beautiful in the autumn.

1. Start with Your Own Gardening Style

What do you want to see in your fall garden? You’ll need to think about how to fill the empty spaces in your garden and in front of your home as leaves fall and flowers fade. What colors do you want to bring into play? Start with garden ornaments that can help to fill the voids and can provide shape when there are fewer beautiful floral options available. Outdoor accessories can add personality to a garden with very little work.

2. Bring the Heat, and the Seat


If you’d like to stay outside for a few more weeks, heaters and fireplaces can allow you to extend the life of your fall garden by making it warm and accessible to your friends and family. Create a beautiful outdoor relaxation area with outdoor seating or a bistro set, where you can take advantage of those few sunny days left and watch the leaves fall.

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3. Add Whimsy and Fun

Give either a traditional or a modern garden a touch of whimsy with colorful collections of objects. Try a grouping of birdhouses, a string of fall gourds, or found objects such as signs, ladders, or garden implements. Place these in the nooks and crannies of your garden or make a fall display on your porch or front steps.

4. Make a Statement

Choose to turn your garden into a landscape that begs to be seen. Try oversized urns planted with weather-resistant grasses and trees in bright colors or standout metals and ceramics for visual impact. In a bare garden, these kinds of landscaping ideas can really stand out, and will fill in the areas where you need focal interest.

5. Make Nature a Focal Point


You can put down-to-earth essentials such as big stones and wooden branches in strategic areas of your garden to augment your natural setting. Garden décor made of wood and stone, such as a bench made of branches, or a stone walkway paved with slate tile, would make your garden stand out.

6. Strategically Place New Potted Plants

The fall is a perfect time to add containers of autumn flowers to your garden. Fill in bare spots or hang new planters around your doors and windows to brighten your outdoor space for as long as possible. Put some effort into cleaning up around your space and then add potted container-raised annuals in a rainbow of autumn colors.

7. Try New Autumn Seasonal Plants in Your Borders

Some plants do very well all year long, and some of the best of these include berries and leafy deciduous trees. Make sure that you plan ahead for the whole year in your garden by adding these, any time of the year, between the areas in which your summer flowers grow, or try planting decorative gourds in the early fall that will flower and produce fruit in the late fall.

8. When All Else Fails, Bring Autumn Indoors

When you can’t find anything else to do to beautify your outdoor space, you can always bring the outdoors in. Try creating a fall fairy garden, where you build a miniature version of the perfect outdoor space with autumn-inspired colors. String up a line of beautiful hurricane lanterns filled with fall leaves, or create a tablescape with autumn fruits like pumpkins, nuts, and pears.

Places of Wonder and Whimsy

No matter what you choose to do to celebrate the start of autumn, these fall gardening tips can help inspire you to try out some new ideas to make your fall garden a beautiful one. With the colder months coming, you and your family don’t have to spend every day indoors. You can create places of wonder and whimsy outside, so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature as long as possible.


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