Incorporating Seating in a Mudroom Entryway

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Last week, I started a series on mudrooms and how to design them so they are efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.  In my last post, I shared ideas and design tips on how to layout storage and best utilize the space.

As mentioned in that post, seating is also an important part of the mudroom / entryway layout since it is “the hub” of entering and exiting the home.  From the smallest of entries to the largest of mudrooms, seating can easily and inexpensively be incorporated into an entryway to provide a place to rest, put on your shoes, or gather your goods before departing.

Let’s explore some simple solution to add seating into a mudroom.

This is a smaller entryway with coats hooks on the wall and an arm chair for seating via A Well Traveled Woman.  Typical homes don’t have a huge entry space.  Many times there is just enough room to enter with bags in hand without scraping the walls.

Despite these sometimes tight quarters, a small arm chair, ottoman, or bench can be introduced to offer a place to sit before leaving or after entering the home.  A chosen seat can also dual as storage with either a lift up bench or a shelf underneath for shoes / bags.  If your entry space is small, choose something that has more than one use.

This is a beautifully designed built-in mudroom cabinet with an integrated bench seat and cushion via House Beautiful.  If you have the opportunity to include more seating in your mudroom / entryway, one idea is to incorporate it within your storage area.

Add a cushion and make it a comfortable place to sit while putting on / taking off shoes.  The bench top can lift up to provide storage underneath or cubbies can be included below for baskets and / shoe storage.  Hooks can be placed behind the bench for coats to be hung.

This entryway is an extension of the main living space and includes a settee near the door via My Revelment.  In some homes there is no actual entry / mudroom space and instead you walk directly into the main living space of the home.  In this situation, placing a bench or settee near the entryway, visually provides the feeling of a separate space, even though there’s not.  Though there may not be walls to separate the two functions, furniture can offer that.

A simple and functional mudroom with wood bench and storage above and below via This Old House.  Mudrooms don’t have to be glamorous, but they do have to be functional!  A simple wood bench can do the trick to provide seating and storage below.

Mudroom cabinetry, storage, and seating can sometimes be costly, but there are other solutions to create a functional space with proper storage that won’t cost alot.  A simple painted bench similar to the style shown above via Martha Stewart can often be less than $50.  It allows for storage above and below making a great entryway into the home.

If you have a big house with lots of space in your mudroom entry, then add lots of seating!  With proper planning and design ideas, a mudroom like this can provide the much needed storage for a growing family, as well as plenty of seating for everyone.  The bench in this photo via Home Bunch allows for 2 rows of shoe storage below and coat hooks above.

If you want to read more on storage in a mudroom, please reference Mudroom Storage Solutions.  Next up in this Mudroom series… Flooring.

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