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You may not give much thought to indoor lighting in the home, but illumination is an important part of daily life. The right lights can transform an otherwise gloomy room into the life of the party, a place where everyone gathers. You’ll find a range of lighting options available, from ceiling fixtures to chandeliers and wall lighting. Consider whether you want to highlight certain areas of a room with accent lights or light up corners with floor lamps. This introduction to lighting will help you choose the right indoor lighting for your home.

Ceiling Lighting

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VONN Ceiling Lights from left to right: SKU 15045082; SKU 15045085; SKU 15045083

Ceiling lighting offers a range of decorative and functional options when it comes to lighting your home. How far from the ceiling the fixtures are suspended affects how much light reflects off the ceiling. Close-to-ceiling or semi-flush-mount fixtures will reflect indirect light, since these fixtures hang several inches from the ceiling. If you want to cast light over a kitchen table, this type of fixture is ideal. Ceiling fixtures offer a general light to a room when you don’t want to highlight one specific area.

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Try installing a ceiling fixture in the middle of a room you want to illuminate. The light spreads far in rooms when you place a fixture in the middle of a room, eliminating the need for another fixture. The circumference size varies — for a smaller room, a smaller size will work well to light up a room. If a room is larger, consider getting a ceiling light fixture with a larger circumference so the light spreads out evenly.

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Gallery Chandelier SKU 15069080

These fixtures are known as suspension or chain-hung lighting fixtures, and they offer a classy way to add light to a room. Chandeliers come in many sizes and often have elegant designs. Use small ones to add small amounts of light in a selected area. Larger chandeliers tend to light rooms more so that you can turn off other lights in a room to pull the focus to one area. Some chandeliers feature crystals and pendants in the designs.

Chandeliers make excellent choices if you want to give a room a more formal look. One common method of display is to place a chandelier over a dining room table to help highlight the area. Larger chandeliers can often be placed over staircases to help illuminate and add a touch of elegance to a stairway. Wherever you place your chandelier, make sure you position it somewhere in a spot that’s most visible upon entering a room.

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Wall Lighting

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Wall lighting is an affordable way to offer accent lighting anywhere in your house. Kitchens are common places for wall lighting by a cabinet or kitchen sink to add light when other kitchen lights are off. If you have a certain part of a room you want to highlight, you can place wall lighting above the area for more exposure. Wall lights are fairly inexpensive to install, and they can add a soft touch of light to a room. Another common place to find wall lighting is in the bathroom. Placing wall mounted lights just above a mirror offer excellent lighting for plucking, shaving, and any part of your morning or nightly routines.

VONN Lighting SKU 15048226

VONN Lighting SKU 15048226

VONN bathroom wall lighting

VONN Lighting SKU 15048227

Placing wall lights above or below pictures that hang on walls is a creative way to show off the artwork in your house. These types of lights look especially attractive in hallways. If the light is below the picture, make sure you face the fixture up to cast light on the picture. If you’d prefer to put the wall fixture above the picture, have the light cast down to illuminate the piece of art.

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Lamps are one of the easiest ways to light a room–and usually the most affordable. You’ll find lamps in many shapes and sizes, and you can place them anywhere an electrical cord can reach. Smaller lamps are great for end tables that surround a sofa; use this lamp size to illuminate an area and offer a reading light. These small lamp sizes, whether ordinary or elegant, are useful additions to tables in corners of a room if you want to create a more even balance of light. Lampshades come in a variety of colors, enabling you to match your lamps to color patterns in each room of your home.

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Floor lamps are an effective way to flood your room, or one specific area, with light. Floor lamps offer a softer touch than a ceiling light or chandelier. Depending on how tall the ceiling is in a room, the tops of floor lamps will typically sit several feet below the ceiling to allow the light to bounce off the ceiling and spread to a larger area. Corners are typically ideal placement areas for flooring lamps, allowing you to bounce light off multiple walls. If you want a particular area of the room highlighted, such as near a sofa or television, place a floor lamp in that area. Flooring lamps also pair very well with reading chairs.

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Kids Lighting

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Even young children can have their own lighting. Lamps for kids can be used to add a fun and functional decorative touch to a room. Children’s lamps can be in any shape and suitable for any child. Place a lamp by a bed and in a corner of a room to light the way at night. Small lamps are best for this purpose, as these lamps don’t take up much space but still offer some light. You can also keep a lamp on at night for kids who are old enough to use the bathroom on their own. A bit of light can help prevent trips or falls.

sumar international miffy lamps

Sumar International Miffy LED Lamps

Children’s lighting can also include larger lights with favorite characters or shapes on the lampshades. Place floor lamps in the corners of a room for visual interest and safety. Small lights can also hang from the ceiling to prevent young children from knocking them over. These types of lights are also great for children who may be afraid of sleeping in the dark and who need a soft light for comfort as they’re falling asleep. You can also involve children in choosing the lamps they want to place in their bedrooms. Whether you want to light a room with a floor lamp or accent a certain part of a room, you’ll find a lighting fixture to suit your needs.


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Consider your lighting goal for each room. Remember, you can use wall lights in your kitchen to accent a buffet hutch or area above a sink when you dim other lights in the room. Floor lamps can offer light with only one or two lamps in each area. Chandeliers and hanging lighting fixtures serve both decorative and useful purposes. Enjoy selecting different types of lights to create different effects in your house. The right light in the right place can create just the ambiance and atmosphere you want.

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