Indulge Your Own Independent Streak At Home

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In the timeless words of women’s rights pioneer Susan B Anthony, independence is happiness.

Having the freedom to do what we want, when we want it, is something that never grows stale. Of course, this independence can manifest itself in many different ways, and where better to start than the home? After all, it is where we spend most of our time.

Setting the scene

Independence in the home is about setting a scene that’s right for you – if you have kids with endless energy sprinting about the place yelling their heads off, it can feel that the last place you’d ever look for sanctuary would be your own living room. It may be difficult and compromises will have to be made, but it is possible to carve out your own personal space, no matter how big your family is.

How can you create your own personal oasis at home? Of course, it starts with the space itself. Identify a room or area in the house in which you feel most comfortable, for starters. To get the most out of it, it’s important to de-clutter. Getting rid of any superfluous bits and pieces is cathartic, and also lays the groundwork for some inspirational design.

Spacious living room

Incorporate a natural touch

The furniture in your own personal haven needs to be comfortable, obviously. Prioritize this over all else; this needs to be a space that you don’t want to leave, whether you’re entertaining or simply relaxing. This furniture should be sizeable, as you want to be able to sprawl on it when you’re in the mood. And don’t be afraid of a touch of decadence! A little bit of class goes a long way.

Neutral, soothing, blue or green shades of furniture and wallpaper are suitable, as ensure there’s a natural touch – try to incorporate wooden floors and a selection of plants for maximum effect. Large, warm rugs also work well here, and tie in well with that kind of flooring.

Nature decor chair houseplants windows

A connection with the outdoors is something that will make your space even more attractive. Maximize light by incorporating large windows, and install sliding doors that lead onto a deck area outside. This immediate access to fresh air and the outdoors is a godsend in summer, and acts as a perfect antidote to hectic days.

Add to the room’s aesthetic

Mood lighting, dramatic photos and expressive art are always welcome touches, as are candles and incense. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are also particularly useful, acting as a good place for storage as well as fitting in well with the room’s relaxing atmosphere. Your television could even be placed within one of these cabinets – it may add to the room’s aesthetic to keep it out of view, depending on your mood.

Overall, your own space should reflect who you are, and give you an opportunity to do a range of things – it should be attractive as both a place to socialize with friends or your partner, as well as a quiet getaway for those times when all you need is a book for company. It’s worth the effort – after all, when you’re independent, you’re happy.

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Julian Fleming

Julian is originally from Dublin, Ireland, now settled in Vancouver BC. His background is in journalism, and is a part of the BuildDirect’s communications team."