Inspiration for Your Spring Tablescapes

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spring tablescapes

Spring is a happy, exciting time, especially if you lived through a brutal winter. Between holidays, family celebrations, and impromptu warm-weather get-togethers, you’ll probably be busy creating plenty of tablescapes, which set the mood and theme of your event. Whether it’s a sit-down dinner for four or a potluck buffet with the extended family, a clever, attractive tablescape makes the gathering more festive. To get your imagination fired up, here are ten fresh, Instagram-worthy ideas for spring-inspired tables.

Spring Tablescapes to Try

Plate-Inspired Centerpieces

If you have a gorgeous set of floral dishes that you like to bring out for special celebrations, see if you can similarly arrange real-life flowers for a matching tablescape that’s as pretty as it is clever. To find just the right flowers and greenery, take a sample plate to your local florist or farmer’s market. Feel free to substitute one flower for another similar one for the sake of practicality. Fill one large and two smaller vases with flowers, and distribute them evenly down the middle.

Pretty in Pink

spring tablescapes

With the cherry trees in full bloom, it’s hard not to fall in love with pink all over again. Lay a creamy white table cloth, and create a luscious tablescape with a bouquet of your favorite flowers in varying shades of pink. If you’re not a purist, feel free to toss in the odd purple or white buds. Get out your best silver candlesticks and candelabras, and top them off with pink tapered candles in varying heights. Place a cluster of candles at either end of the table, and use solid or floral white and pink dinnerware and pink floral cloth napkins.

Birders’ Bliss

spring tablescapes

When you wake up to the birds chirping, you know it’s spring. Create a bird-themed tablescape with a visit to your local craft store to procure bird figurines made from any material that strikes your fancy–metal, ceramic, or styrofoam and feathers. Find the bird’s nests, and pick up a couple of those, along with some plastic or styrofoam bird eggs. Alternatively, you can use Easter candy for the eggs. Depending on the birds you choose, gather a bouquet of spring wildflowers that match their color. Set up your bird table with the flowers in the middle and the nests and birds nestled in greenery on either side.

Country Linens

Fresh, light linen is just the fabric for a pretty, romantic spring tablescape. Lay an off-white linen tablecloth, and find a striped or floral linen table runner. The fabric store may have exactly what you’re looking for. Fill white ceramic vases with delicate pink and white flowers that spill over the edge. Sew or buy coordinating linen napkins, and tie a few small blooms together with twine to lay on top.

Tulip Tablescape

spring tablescapes

Tulips are in full bloom, and if you have plenty to spare, make a fresh, festive tulip tablescape. Fill a tall, white vase full of tulips in the color or colors of your choosing. Place it in the center of the table on a pretty, lacy table runner sprinkled with pretty candies. Use coordinating charger plates under white dinnerware, and find some pretty tulip-printed napkins or solid napkins the color of the bouquet.

Antique Tea Pots

spring tablescapes

If you have a collection of antique tea pots, fill them with small cut flowers for the perfect brunch or tea party centerpiece. Line them up along a table runner pieced together with old-fashioned, embroidered tea towels. Place tea lights in tea cups for ambiance, and place them around the table. Set out mismatched floral dinnerware, and use pretty chintz napkins.

Blue Glass Bottles

spring tablescapes

Lay a pretty tablecloth. Gather a collection of blue glass bottles ranging in size from medicine bottles to large wine bottles. Line them up along the center of the table, or put them together in clusters of bottles in differing heights. Place tapered candles in bottles that will accommodate them. Fill others with the cut flowers of your choice. By candlelight, the bottles will glow brilliant blue and reflect on the table.

Potted Plants

For an outdoor patio table, line the center of the table with pots of planted flowers atop a delicate floral table cloth or, for a more bold, minimalist statement, a solid-colored cloth. Choose the flowers and pots based on your preferences, theme, and colors. You can pot all the same plants in identical containers, or you can mix and match both plants and pots. After the party, you can put the plants in your garden or give them away as gifts or prizes.

Go Bold

spring tablescapes

Lay a creamy white tablecloth, and gather a collection of small orange, pink, and turquoise vases. Fill them with bright orange, light pink, and fuchsia flowers of a few different varieties. Choose turquoise plate chargers and fuchsia napkins tied with an orange zinnia, daisy, or other flower. Place turquoise tapered candles in small clusters down the center of the table, alternating with small clusters of vases.

White Out

spring tablescapes

If you have a collection of white dinnerware and a few white vases, go for a monochromatic look that’s as fresh as an early spring day. Fill white milk glass vases with white roses, tulips, or other flowers, and place them on white marble tiles on a white linen tablecloth. Choose white candle holders, white candles, and white napkins. Use white stone chargers and white dishes. The layers of shades and textures will create a dynamic table you won’t soon forget.

This spring, go out of your way to make your table as special as the people who will be joining you there. Use items you have on hand whenever possible, and scour the thrift stores and garage sales for interesting vases, candle holders, artificial fruits and berries, holiday figurines, and other table-worthy items you can use down the road. Soon, you’ll have a collection that you can mix and match, and you’ll always have the perfect thing on hand.

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