Interior Design For Geeks

Geeks have homes, too.

Not surprisingly, the kind of people who get excited about Doctor Who, Manga comic books, and all manner of cool gadgets are not always so enamored of the Martha Stewart school of home décor. This  isn’t to say that geeks have no knack of design; on the contrary, geeky home décor is flourishing thanks to some very imaginative folks who make it their mission to push the envelope.

Geeks make the ordinary extraordinary

Geeks don’t try to recreate the Starship Enterprise in their living room (OK, maybe a few do. But you’re not that geeky, are you?). They need beds to sleep on, couches to lounge around on and clocks and artwork to decorate their walls. The idea is to take these everyday objects and pieces of furniture and incorporate a little geekery into them.

It’s easy to think like a geek when you’re planning an interior design. Reminisce back to those days of classic video games; Space Invaders, Frogger, The Super Mario Brothers franchise. Now, add those designs to your wall, kitchen table or book shelves. Even better, put together a book shelf that looks like an alien from Space Invaders, magnified about 10,000 times. Or how about a couch in the shape of a Pac Man? Or Pac Man oven mitts? Yes, you can buy this kind of stuff. And if you’re a DIY type of person, you can always make it.

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Comic book geekery and interior design

Not so much into video games? How about comic books? Everybody read some kind of comic book when they were younger, and plenty of us still do to this day. Slap a Spider-Man decal on anything and it becomes 10 times cooler. The web-slinger too conventional for your taste? How about a Tank Girl pillow case and matching fleece blanket? An Incredible Hulk alarm clock that shouts “Hulk Smash!” to get you out of bed? Just laying out your options, here.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

The secret here once again is to express your personality. You don’t have to make your room look like a comic store. But, sometimes a subtle nod to your love of pulp characters and imagery in comics, embodied in a single element (a framed comic cell, or a well-rendered figurine can be two examples) can add interesting dimension (or ‘kapow!’ as the case may be) even to those who aren’t as geeky as you are.

Steampunk and gothic interior design for the distinguishing geek

Hipster is a sub-set of geek that would not be caught dead with such heavily-branded objects around their home. For these discriminating geeks, steampunk, gothic and obscure futurist high tech are the main themes.

For steampunk, hues of yellow, brown and dark gray are popular, along with unusual combinations of metal, leather and wood. Some examples might include a front door made to look like the entrance to a submarine, with porthole and wheel lock; a ceiling fan made to look like a giant clock dial; a telephone showing all of the Victorian-era gears that, um, make it work.

Source: via Zoom on Pinterest

Gothic is easy to do. Deep contrasts of black and white with red thrown where you can get it; walls that convey the texture of stone (even if it’s really drywall); stained glass windows; big clocks that ring on the hour; a fancy four-post bed that would fit right in to Dracula’s castle… you get the idea.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Then there’s technology. You’re looking for dual-use here; a bed cover that makes your sleeping area look like a giant iPhone; giant Lego-shaped kitchen accessories like salt and pepper shakers and spice holders; any kind of cup or box that looks like it was made out of floppy disks.

Source: via BuildDirect on Pinterest

Choose your geek interior design direction

Whichever direction you decide to go in, don’t give in to temptation and make your place look like the result of when a tornado hit a comic book store. If you’re going with the Lego furniture, you can’t also have the X-Men table setting. Pick a theme and stick with it – at least until you’re ready for a whole other kind of geeky home décor.

Then, fly your geek flag high!

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