12 Interior Design Gurus You Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter has been a powerful tool for us here at BuildDirect.  It’s allowed us to invite people into our world here a bit, give away some advice, and get some advice back in return about the world of building projects and DIY renos. There are lots of people out there who are just as eager to share their expertise as we are.

In this first official addition of our Gurus to Follow on Twitter series, we’re going to take a look at 12 interior designers on Twitter who are not only thought-leaders and innovators in their industry, but are also highly personable people too who are actively creating useful content, and are likely to follow back.   Take a look.

1. @Debbie_Travis


Interior designer, entrepreneur,  speaker, author, charity advocate, and TV presenter (among many other things), Debbie Travis is the trusted, go-to voice for stylish interior design ideas for the average person.  Oprah Winfrey calls her ‘the master of paint and plaster’.  Visit DebbieTravis.com to find out more.

2. @DebbieWiener


Debbie is author of the book Slob Proof, which is a guide to pet and family-friendly interior designs.   Her no-nonsense and realistic approach to interior design is matched in appeal only to her sense of humor.  Debbie has been featured in national newspapers and magazines (USAToday, Washington Post) and on nationally syndicated television and radio shows, too.

3. @WandaSHorton


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wanda is a sought-after interior designer who believes in adding the best experience of design, no matter what kind of space you’ve got.  She’s also an active blogger.  You can read and subscribe to (or subscribe to and read, if you will) her blog at Interiorconcepts.blogspot.com

4. @KimberleySeldon


Filling out her interests in design, Kimberley is a speaker, journalist, and broadcast personality, operating in both the United States and Canada.  Kimberley is Decorating Editor of Canada’s Style at Home magazine and author of the book 500 Ideas for Small Spaces.

5. @AveryDesign (Catherine J Avery)


Catherine sees the interior design process as collaborative, a philosophy which is at the forefront of her company Avery Design.  A former Wall Street marketing executive, she discovered her flair and passion for interior design was her true calling.  Visit Catherine’s website at averydesigninteriors.com.

6. @HomeWorkshop (Kathy Barlow)


Not only is Kathy a self-professed ‘design junkie’, she’s also a passionate community builder, taking her own love for creative interiors and inviting others of the same persuasion to add to her vision.  You can visit her blog to view a list of designer contributors, all experts in their fields.

7. @Radecor (Rosyln Ashford)


Rosyln is a designer and a home stager, using her designer’s eye to help homeowners sell their homes faster, and for a better return.  Rosyln (or ‘Ra’) has taken her skill for fabric and furniture placement it put it to work for a goal-oriented approach to interior design. Visit her website at Rarooms.com

8. @UrbanDecorSue (Susan Rapp)


Coming out of a merchandising and display background, Susan Rapp harnesses the power of tasteful furniture in a space to bring interiors to life.  Her talents in this field are matched only for her passion for social media, like Twitter, and her blog, urbanlifestyledecor.com.

9. @PGraceDesigns (Paula Grace Halewski)


With her background in psychotherapy, Paula brings her keen understanding of human psychology into her work as an interior designer who incorporates “timeless attraction of beautiful, classic design married with contemporary elements”.  Read her blog at paulagracedesigns.blogspot.com.

10. @Barbara_Miller


Barbara’s dedication to family-friendly spaces in residences and businesses is rivaled only by her dedication as a parent.  But, these two loves feed each other, creating “functional design that will withstand the daily use of homeowner’s children, pets, friends, or customers”.  Read Barbara’s blog at barbaramillerdesign.com/Blog.

11. @GreenYourDecor (Jennae Petersen)


Jennae’s frustration with her struggles in finding eco-friendly products while designing inspired her to create her own design company and blog with eco-friendly design in mind on behalf of clients.  She delivers on style, and on sustainable materials and practices.  Visit her website at greenyourdecor.com.

12. @StarrMiller


President and Principle at her boutique interior design company, Starr has helmed projects featured on HGTV’s Save My Bath.  Her keen understanding of design principles, and her ability to really listen to what her clients are asking for have been the keys to her success.  Visit her website at StarrMiller.com

Update: Debbie Travis and BuildDirect are now working together to bring you her expert recommendations on the right products for your project. We are incredibly excited to be working with such a respected designer!

Here’s a little intro video from Debbie herself.

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