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Interior design for many seems to be associated with great expense. But, as we’ve seen, sometimes one or two strategic changes to a space is enough to transform it. To talk more about this is interior designer and writer Estelle Page.


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So you’ve just completed your new kitchen or sitting room but there is something missing, some finishing touch that you just can’t put your finger on. What is it? Here are three ways you can ensure your perfect décor is definitely complete.

Plants and home decor

Plants and flowers can really make a difference to an environment and there are kinds for every room in your house. Plants improve the quality of your air by releasing oxygen as they photosynthesize and using up carbon dioxide.

Choosing the right ones for you really depends on your commitment to them. If you’re away a lot it might not be worth getting a plant that needs watering every day or that is susceptible to diseases. If you want no-care plants to brighten up the place, invest in some realistic plastic ones or faux flowers.

Art and interior style

Art isn’t as expensive or out of reach as you may think. Companies like Artollo are making art more unique and accessible so you don’t have to blow a load of cash at an auction or art house, or settle for a generic print from IKEA.

Art on your walls can really break up the colours of a room, pull the look together and act as a focal point. It’s worth looking for pieces based on the colours of the rest of the room. If you have quite neutral walls then it might be a good idea to splash out on something eye-catching and bright, something that will lure a visitor in!

You don’t need to go out and purchase new artwork either. Rummage through charity shops, look on eBay or buy frames to display some of your favourite things. Dolls, books, cards, trinkets and ornaments can really make you feel at home. Rustle through your old boxes in the attic and see what you discover.


Creature comforts and interior design

No-one wants to relax at home without their creature comforts. Quilts and cushions with your own style can really cosy up the place.

For a kitchen you can add bowls of fruit,  a large wooden chopping board and a chalk board for notes. The hall looks more inviting with a rug or stand with slippers at the ready.

Having adequate storage so that your favourite bits are to hand makes all the difference too. Installing downlights and ensuring you have a dimmer switch means your lighting always suits your mood and activities – you can go from bright place to work to romantic twilight setting in an instant!

Do you have any more tips for getting the finishing touches right at home?


Thanks Estelle!

Estelle Page is a thirty something interior designer who loves a home revamp, so you’ll often find her taking in the scenery at a local garden show or being inspired by the antiques and decor at a nearby National Trust home. She currently blogs for Luma Lighting.



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