Interlocking Deck Tiles: Pool Decks, Patio, And Garden Decking

kontiki interlocking deck tiles

Warmer days are on their way, and with them comes the promise of afternoons spent in outdoor living spaces like a patios, balconies, rooftop gardens, and pool decks. Your patio area may already be up to snuff, but is it safe, durable and, most of all, beautiful? If you plan on redoing your patio area this summer, here are some ideas and deck tiles for your patio to consider.

A safe pool area for kids

With children around, your first priority should be safety, especially around pool decks. Are your current pavers slippery when wet? Or are they so unequal that children risk tripping and falling if they’re not paying attention? If so, it might be time to change your pavers and make sure everything is safe.

One of the best ways to ensure safety around the pool with children is using rubber pavers.


Brava label outdoor interlocking rubber pavers from BuildDirect. Easy to install, wear-resistant, and with superior slip-resistance.

Outdoor rubber deck tiles for your patio have plenty of benefits over more traditional stone pavers. For a similar price, rubber pavers offer a durable solution that’s perfect for areas always busy with children. Rubber offers the best non-slip factor of all the kinds of deck pavers, which should be your first concern when it comes to water and decking.

Another advantage is how rubber absorbs sound. Noisy playdates that would annoy the neighbours are suddenly quieter, even from close by. And rubber’s excellent shock absorption means less painful feet after a day of running around with the kids.

A pool area with kids does a lot better with rubber than any other kind of deck paving. It might not be the most beautiful, but it’s a great investment for the safety of your children, and a good value enhancer for your home.

Durability first

If children are less your concern than durability, there are plenty of deck paving materials you can use that are also prettier than rubber. A durable decking material means you won’t have to change it every two or three years; rather, you can enjoy your decking choice for a long time to come, and even consider its effects on the resale value of your home down the line.

Granite deck tiles deck tiles for your patio are among the most durable you’ll find on the market. They have a strong resistance to weather changes, so if your area has cold winters and warm summers, you don’t have to worry about the damage the seasons can cause. They are also resistant to stains and scratches.


Kontiki interlocking deck tiles from BuildDirect’s Elements Earth Series. This is real stone that is easy to install quickly over a variety of surfaces, from patios to pool surrounds, to garden paths.

The texture of granite provides a protection against slipping as well, but you might want to choose a style with more indents to help with this issue (like a 4×4 square slab). The smoother the surface, the more danger of slipping.

These types of tiles can easily be installed over your old concrete pavement, if that’s what you have around your pool. No need to dig out the concrete to install a new material!

All about beauty

If it’s undeniable outdoor style you’re looking for, pavers might be the right choice for you. Made from different types of stone, their variety and patterns make for modern, stylish pool decks.

First, always make sure to choose a style with some texture underfoot to avoid slips and falls. But other than that, the sky is really the limit… or, well, your yard I guess. They require a little bit more work and experience to install than the above deck tile styles, but it’s definitely worth it when it comes to landscaping value.

Travertine and limestone are the most popular materials for patterned deck pavers. Weather-resistant and easy to clean (a surface protector is recommended to improve durability), they’ll last for years, resist even the heaviest foot traffic, and provide extra value in a beautiful landscape that integrates your pool with its surroundings.

Your next pool deck or patio or garden deck

So, are you looking at your current pool deck, patio, or garden deck  and thinking “yeah, I could really use a change?” You can now choose the right material and style depending on your requirements and needs.


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