Introducing Interior Designer and Writer Jenna Burger

New blood at the BuildDirect blog!

We are very excited, starting tomorrow, to introduce you to interior designer and writer Jenna Burger to the BuildDirect blog. Jenna is an established name in the interior design world, known for her blog SAS Interiors, where the watch words “simple. affordable. stylish” rule the day.

When looking for new voices to present to you on this blog in the realm of tasteful, and affordable interior design expertise, I was thrilled to get a chance to connect with Jenna who strives to serve homeowners looking to transform their spaces. She is an active, and extremely hireable  interior designer, specializing in bringing the best in design to the average homeowner. Her expertise shines through her writing, with the core truth that the visions you’ve got for your spaces are in fact within reach, and often for less than you think.

Jenna has a degree in architecture and interior design, with a practical track record of turning theory into practice. She  is dedicated to extending that theory into something you can practice as well.

I am extremely happy to introduce Jenna and her work here on the BuildDirect blog as an ongoing featured contributor.

Welcome, Jenna!

Check out her first post about design ideas for Autumn months tomorrow.



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