Introducing Steffani Cameron

Hello, gentle readers!

I’m very pleased to announce a new member of the BuildDirect blog and BuildDirect green blog team, Steffani Cameron. Steffani is an established blogger and freelance writer, specializing on our blogs in small space living and urban decor. Steffani and I have known each other for a while, being as she is a proud Vancouverite and active in our (extremely vibrant) social media and online content creation community.

Steffani’s speciality will help to give you ideas and perspectives on how to take that small space, and that small budget, and make the most of it so that it feels like your own. Whether you are an apartment-dweller, a condo-owner, or if you own a house with a small room you can’t think what to do with, Steff’s posts will help to give you a kick-start, while helping you to stay on budget, too.

Stay tuned for her first post, coming up this Friday!

Welcome, Steff!

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