Invite The Light: More Ways to Naturally Light Up Your Space

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Last week, guest writer Joanna Renbourne talked a bit about how to take advantage of the longer days and sunnier evenings that we’re enjoying in spring with ways to maximize natural light in our spaces.

To continue this discussion, with a few more ideas on how to invite light into your spaces, returning writer Kelly Nicole is here to illuminate us futher.


Does your home remind you of a cave even in the middle of a bright sunny day? Aside from ripping out a wall and installing floor to ceiling windows, there are many quick and slightly less dramatic ways to get more natural light into your home.

Natural sunlight produces a lovely glow that is difficult to duplicate with electric lights and doesn’t increase your electricity bill in the slightest. Inviting more natural light into your home is well, natural!


Ever heard the phrase, “Use what ya got?” Well, mirrors help you do just that. Adding a mirror to a room reflects what light you do get in any room of your house.

It makes the room seem larger, without a single change to the “nuts and bolts” of your house. Another good thing about mirrors is that they can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like, so they will appeal to those wanting more natural light, but still on a budget.


Skylights are not only beautiful, but they provide free sunlight as well. Skylights have improved over the years, and with the newer models, they are much less likely to leak and don’t involve major construction for the installation. Skylights these days are also equipped to not let ultraviolet rays into your house, so you don’t have to worry about the furniture or carpets fading.

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Open Doors

Many times, the entrance to your house can be dark and cave-like because there aren’t many natural light sources nearby. Replacing your solid wood door with one that has glass in it is one way to solve this problem. Of course if you are worried about people being able to see into your home, and you don’t want your entire door to be made out of glass, there is the option of beveled glass or there are plenty of doors that have glass on the side or top, to allow light in as well.

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Nothing says makeover like a new coat of paint, especially a light color that reflects light. Even if you are tempted to go for a dark and dramatic hue, remember that dark colors tend to absorb any natural light you have coming in. Instead try for something a glossy shade of white or pastel on the walls in order to maximize your natural light to brighten up your interior.

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Reflective Flooring

We are not talking about putting down disco balls on the floor, but rather using reflective flooring such as white tiles or a light shiny wood. While you are at it, make sure that your floors are squeaky clean and shiny as cleaner floors add a bright glow to your home.

Scale Back Landscaping

Much like your grandmother said when you were a teenager; it’s hard to see your beautiful face with all that hair hanging in it. Well, it’s hard to let natural light in your house when there are bushes, shrubs and trees blocking the sunlight from entering your house.

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Do Grandma and yourself a favor and scale back on the landscaping to a manageable amount that allows for light to enter your home.


Thanks, Kelly!

Kelly Nicole wrote this post on behalf of  MirrorMate Frames, which offers a solution on how to frame a mirror by attaching beautiful frames to boring, builder grade mirrors. This DIY mirror framing system, frequently used for bathroom mirrors, can be installed in 20 minutes and comes in over 65 different framed mirror styles, including wood mirrors, to complement any type of décor.




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