Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring “Green”?

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This is a question that is being asked with increasing frequency of all building materials. It is a key issue of our day and one that will be explored on an ongoing basis in this blog. I get an ever growing volume of inquiries ranging from do-it-yourselfers to distributors, all trying to make sense of the huge amount of often conflicting information surrounding green building supplies and practices. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on what exactly makes a product “green”- no one manual to consult. Everyone from environmental watchdog groups to the manufacturer and distributors of the materials themselves have offered their definition. The waters are definitely muddy- one of my objectives in this blog will be to clear them up as best I can. My latest initiative in this area is a course with the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council), a sister organization of the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). I’ll keep you posted.

Heart Pine

Reclaimed Heart Pine- Golden Blond

Reclaimed Heart Pine- Vintage Brown

Reclaimed Heart Pine- Vintage Brown

Bamboo- carbonized horizontal

Bamboo- Carbonized Horizontal.

Above are some examples of what many would consider eco-friendly flooring. In the near future, we will be discussing the “green” pros and cons of flooring options such as these. As we will see, there are a thousand shades of “green”.

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Matt Dickinson